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revision 1582 by persson, Sat Dec 8 12:28:53 2007 UTC revision 1793 by persson, Sun Nov 16 19:23:57 2008 UTC
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1  Version CVS HEAD (?)  Version CVS HEAD (?)
3    * fixed file properties dialog - properties now can be edited    * fixed file properties dialog - properties now can be edited
4      * gig files where regions are not internally ordered are now handled
5      * the resize mouse pointer is not shown anymore for regions that
6        can't be resized
7      * the region and dimregion chooser widgets are now resizable
8      * bugfix: sometimes you could not delete more than one dimension
9      * filter headers are now also greyed out when the filter is inactive
10      * autoconf fix: LS plugin dirs with digits in their prefix
11        (e.g. "/usr/lib64/foo") are now resolved in relative dirs as well
12        (show a warning when resolving the relative path failed)
13      * keys on the virtual keyboard now highlight on note on events on
14        sampler side
15      * virtual keyboard can now trigger notes for the sampler (only in
16        live-mode of course)
17      * implemented alternative behavior for the virtual MIDI keyboard
18        (selectable by combobox below the keyboard)
19      * show absolute velocity value of note-on & note-off events below
20        the virtual MIDI keyboard
21      * renamed misleading names regarding the gig format's "keyswitching"
22        feature (the dimension is now displayed as "keyswitching" instead of
23        "keyboard" in the dimregchooser widget and the two parameters for
24        defining the actual keyswitching area on the keyboard in the instruments
25        properties dialog are now called "Keyswitching range low/high" instead of
26        "Dimension key range low/high")
27      * added "replace all samples" function to samples popup menu
28        (patch by Anders Dahnielson, a bit extended, fixes #73)
29      * bugfix: dimension manager window didn't update when another region
30        was selected (#78)
31      * in "Save As..." dialog set inital filename to "copy_of_<filename>" and
32        show a warning message that saving to the same .gig file will corrupt
33        the sample wave data
34      * fixed compilation with gcc 4.3
35      * the "Add Samples" dialog now remembers current directory (patch by
36        Devin Anderson, fixes #81)
37      * it is now possible to create dimensions where the amount of zones
38        isn't a power of two (patch by Devin Anderson, #89, slightly
39        modified)
40      * fixed configure check for libsndfile loop support
42  Version 0.1.1 (2007-12-06)  Version 0.1.1 (2007-12-06)

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