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Revision 1411 - (show annotations) (download)
Fri Oct 12 17:46:29 2007 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 2612 byte(s)
* added status bar to the bottom of main window (independent area on the
  right shows whether gigedit is running stand-alone or attached to
* minor cosmetical fix in dimension manager widget
* regionchooser.cpp: temporary fix for a crash which occured when gigedit
  was compiled with CXXFLAGS="-g"

1 Version CVS HEAD
3 * fixed compilation with older gcc versions
4 * added German translation
5 * reworked instrument properties dialog - properties can now be
6 edited
7 * restructured dimension region editor for elements to be in a more
8 logical and intuitive order
9 * added Makefile.cvs (just for standard compliance with other projects)
10 * added Debian packaging infrastructure
11 * implemented sample loop editing
12 * improved labels in dimension region editor
13 * use normal layout for checkboxes
14 * allow to resize dimension zones even when the respective dimension has
15 no custom dimension splits yet
16 * moved instrument editor into a shared library 'libgigedit', the 'gigedit'
17 binary is now just calling that shared library
18 * implemented an "instrument editor plugin" for LinuxSampler to allow
19 on-the-fly instrument editing within the sampler's own process
20 (revised directories to a more automake-friendly structure for this, to
21 avoid compilation and install errors)
22 * added experimental support to synchronize gigedit with LinuxSampler to
23 avoid race conditions / crash while modifying data structures
24 * added quick start documentation by Alexander Methke
25 * a changed file is now marked with an asterisk in the window title
26 * added close confirmation dialog, shown if file is changed
27 * "save" means "save as" for new files
28 * enabled acceleration keys
29 * add .gig to filename in "save as" if it's not already there
30 * filename character encodings other than utf-8 supported
31 * regions can now be moved, not just resized
32 * improved labels in instrument properties dialog
33 * remove file extensions from file names when importing samples
34 * added digits for octave numbers on the keyboard and made keys
35 outside piano range grey
36 * added support for 24 bit sample import
37 * when importing samples, settings for loops and root note are
38 copied from the sample files (if they have such settings)
39 * start with a new gig file by default
40 * make sure samplechannel dimension gets created for stereo samples
41 * allow building with older versions of gtk and libsndfile
42 * remember selected dimension when switching regions
43 * check if file is savable before trying to save
44 * gettext is now an optional dependency
45 * added Dev-C++ project files for Windows systems
46 * added status bar to the bottom of main window (independent area on the
47 right shows whether gigedit is running stand-alone or attached to
48 LinuxSampler)
49 * fixed crash when gigedit was compiled with CXXFLAGS="-g"
51 Version 0.0.3 (2007-03-24)
53 * first release of gigedit

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