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Sat Feb 2 17:53:36 2019 UTC (3 months, 2 weeks ago) by persson
File size: 24398 byte(s)
* Avoid deprecated sigc++ usage

1 Version SVN trunk (?)
3 * Script Editor: Fixed some minor issues with vertical line number bar
4 (which was editable, selectable and incorrectly displayed on new scripts).
5 * Translation Fix: MacroEditor.cpp and MacrosSetup.cpp were not under
6 translation control.
7 * Spelling fixes (patch provided by Debian maintainer Jaromír Mikeš).
8 * Added new main menu item "View" -> "Tooltips for Beginners" which allows
9 to disable tooltips intended for newbies only (default: on).
10 * Extended support for keyboard function keys up to F19.
11 * List assigned scripts as colored tooltip when hovering mouse over the
12 "Scripts" column in the instruments list.
13 * Added global keyboard accelerator Shift + Backspace for dropping all script
14 slots from an instrument.
15 * Added option to save as gig v4 file (File -> Properties).
16 * Fixed duplicate items in File -> Properties -> "File Format" combo box.
17 * GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added combo box "Sustain Release Trigger" which
18 can be used to optionally play release trigger samples on sustain pedal up.
19 * GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added check box "No note-off release trigger"
20 which allows to disable release trigger samples on regular MIDI note-off.
21 * Fixed compiler errors with Gtk 3.24.x (patch by Miroslav Šulc).
22 * Fixed some compiler warnings
23 * Avoid non-standard offsetof usage (to get rid of gcc warnings)
24 * Use GDK Seat API if available to grab pointer
25 * Improve version checks for pangomm
26 * Fix the instrument list tooltip handling so it doesn't generate
27 GTK assertion error messages
28 * Use English quotation marks in tooltips instead of German
29 * Use multiple columns in controller value popups, as tall popup
30 menus work really badly in some GTK environments
31 * Avoid deprecated sigc++ usage
33 Version 1.1.0 (2017-11-25)
35 * allow building with G/GDK/GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED
36 * fixed building without linuxsampler on Mac
37 * fixed some compiler and cppcheck warnings
38 * synthesis paremeter page tabs are now scrollable (fixes an issue with
39 GTK 3: default theme uses huge tabs which breaks the overall layout on
40 average window sizes)
41 * Automake: set environment variable GCC_COLORS=auto to allow GCC to
42 auto detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color.
43 * NKSP Editor: Added support for liblinuxsampler's NKSP syntax
44 highlighting backend.
45 * Script Editor: Some color tweaks (using now same text colors as on
46 the NKSP refrence documentation website).
47 * Script Editor: Added support for liblinuxsampler's NKSP parser
48 backend for displaying parser errors and warnings directly within
49 the source code.
50 * User settings are now automatically saved and restored.
51 * Automatically save & restore window size and position.
52 * Script Editor: Show precise parser error/warning messages as tooltip
53 when the mouse points over the respective location in the script's
54 source code.
55 * Script Editor: Show a question dialog to the user when the editor is
56 to be closed and the script changes have not been applied yet.
57 * Script Editor: Added status bar at the bottom of the script editor
58 window showing the amount (if any) of errors and warnings.
59 * Script Editor: Added menu bar and two initial entries: "Apply" (Ctrl-S)
60 and "Close" (Ctrl-Q).
61 * Script Editor: if editor is used in live-mode, inform the sampler that
62 it needs to automatically reload the script after the script has been
63 altered and applied with the script editor.
64 * Added setting to main menu "View" -> "Auto Restore Window Dimension"
65 (disabled by default since it causes issues on some machines).
66 * Fixed crash after changing a dimension type with the dimension manager
67 dialog.
68 * Script Editor: Fixed editor which did not appear on some systems due
69 to missing icons (using now lists of alternative icon names).
70 * Script Editor: Added "Font Size ..." selection to editor's menu.
71 * Script Editor: Fixed crash on Ctrl + A, followed by Del.
72 * fixed crash when opening dimension manager dialolg multiple times
73 (and i.e. adding or removing dimensions each time)
74 * Show sample group name and CRC-32 checksum on "Sample" tab.
75 * Show instrument index number on instruments list view.
76 * Added multi-row selection support on samples tree view.
77 * Added multi-row selection support on instruments list view.
78 * windows, 32-bit: fixed crashes by making sure the stack in sub
79 threads is 16-byte aligned
80 * windows: look for the data directory in the parent of the dll
81 directory, if the dll directory is called "32" or "64"
82 * Implemented resizing multiple dimension region zones at once, which is
83 controlled by the infamous checkbox trio "all regions",
84 "all dimension splits" and "both channels".
85 * Implemented deleting dimension region zones of all regions at once, which
86 is controlled by checkbox "all regions".
87 * Implemented splitting up dimension region zones of all regions at once,
88 which is controlled by checkbox "all regions".
89 * Show graphical symbol on region that uses loop(s).
90 * Show graphical symbol on region that misses sample reference(s).
91 * Fixed crash on saving file if a sample was requested to be replaced twice
92 by the user.
93 * Implemented fast navigation through regions by keyboard accelerator
94 Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right (on Mac: Cmd+Left and Cmd+Right).
95 * Implemented fast navigation through dimension region zones of currently
96 selected region by keyboard accelerator Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Alt+Up,
97 Alt+Down, as well as simply using the arrow keys alone if the dimension
98 region chooser got focus (i.e. when it was selected by mouse previously).
99 * Color tweaking on selected regions and selected dimension zones.
100 * Dimension Region Chooser: Show main selected case in opaque blue color
101 (like before), but all other selected dimension zones with a blue hatched
102 pattern instead.
103 * Dimension Region Chooser: Show the label of the currently selected
104 dimension in bold font.
105 * Implemented selecting multiple dimension region zones by keyboard with
106 keyboard accelerators Alt+Shift+Left and Alt+Shift+Right.
107 * Implemented copy & paste of DimensionRegion (with Alt+c and Alt+v).
108 * Dimension Region Chooser: Mark all zones auto selected by check box trio
109 with gray hatched pattern.
110 * Region Chooser: Mark all regions which are auto selected by check box
111 "All Regions" with gray hatched pattern.
112 * Introduced "Macro Editor" for adjusting clipboard content before applying
113 it (accessible via Alt+x).
114 * Introduced configurable list of macros which are auto assigned to keyboard
115 accelerators (F1 ... F12) and saved along with the app's config file.
116 * Macro Editor: Fixed deleting rows when delete button was hit without Ctrl
117 being pressed.
118 * Macro Editor: Show combo box with textual options for enum types.
119 * "Macro" main menu section: show macro comments as tooltip.
120 * Macro Editor: Display demangled C++ type names.
121 * Macros Setup: Implemented cloning of macros.
122 * Live mode performance optimization: fixed the editor to be non-responsive
123 for a very long time, which happened if changing instrument parameters of a
124 very large amount of dimension regions was requested.
125 * Macro Editor: Handle boolean parameter types appropriately, i.e. show
126 'Yes' or 'NO' instead of '1' or '0'.
127 * GTK3: Bringing back icons and keyboard accelerators / mnemonics for menus
128 and buttons with GTK3; Cudos to those GTK heros who thought it might be
129 a clever idea to simply remove such features for all users, all devices
130 and all apps by default with GTK3!
131 * Autoconf: check for presence of at least gtk+-2.0-dev.
132 * Instruments list view: show amount of real-time instruments scripts used
133 by instrument.
134 * Script Editor: Fixed Gtk crash while entering a variety of ill formed code
135 like unterminated string literals.
136 * Assigned more useful default dimensions (and default position) for various
137 windows and dialogs (if auto-restore of user's own custom window
138 dimensions is disabled).
139 * Mac fix: Make sure app window appears in front of all other apps.
140 * Script Editor: only if compiled without liblinuxsampler; added support for
141 new NKSP language keyword "synchronized".
142 * Script Editor: strike through code blocks filtered out by the preprocessor.
143 * Combine Tool: Show instruments' index number in the list view.
144 * Combine Tool: Now it allows to select the instruments to be combined
145 already in the main window's instruments list view; then either call the
146 combine instrument dialog from the main menu or use the new keyboard
147 shortcut Ctrl + j.
148 * Combine Tool: Added a vertical list which represents the order of the
149 selected instruments to be combined; dragging them modifies their order.
150 * Combine Tool: After returning from the combine tool dialog, automatically
151 scroll to the newly added (combined) instrument.
152 * Draw icons on individual dimension region zones, similar to the icons
153 already been drawn on regions.
154 * Fixed loop and sample reference icons being displayed incorrectly sometimes,
155 because unused dimension regions were not ignored.
156 * Script Editor: Show line numbers.
157 * Script Editor: Right aligned line numbers.
158 * Script Editor: Fixed font readability issue on Mac.
159 * Added EG state machine options for EG1 and EG2, which may be used to
160 configure whether the individual EG stages may be cancelled.
161 * Fix: after the combine instruments dialog, the new instrument was not
162 correctly displayed by the GUI as being selected.
163 * Fix: automatically reload instrument after script slots have been modified.
164 * Combine Tool: OK button has focus now by default to quickly combine
165 instruments by pressing Return key.
166 * Added keyboard accelerators Shift+F1 to Shift+F12 for quick assigning
167 a script to the currently selected instrument, and an appropriate
168 additional menu "Instruments" -> "Assign Script".
169 * Added keyboard accelerators Ctrl + Arrow Down and Ctrl + Arrow Up for
170 switching between instruments.
171 * Added search filter field which allows to quickly filter the instrument
172 list by case insensitive search tokens.
173 * Fix: navigating between dimension zones by keyboard did sometimes not
174 work after switching from an instrument with different dimension types.
175 * Fix: Sample references view dialog had some odd behaviors, like it did not
176 respond to mouse scroll events for instance.
177 * Debian: Raised Debian compatibility level to Debian 9 "Stretch".
178 * Raised max. pitchbend range to 48 semi tones.
179 * Added experimental support for upcoming GTK(MM)4
180 (for now up to GTKMM 3.91.2 while still preserving backward compatibility
181 down to GTKMM 2).
182 * Re-merged r2845 to compile now with and without Gtk "Stock ID" API
183 (see also r3158).
184 * Visual cosmetics on Gtk 3.
185 * Script Editor: Use consistent font size on all screens and DPI settings.
187 Version 1.0.0 (2015-07-17)
189 * minor fix in configure for cross-compiling
190 * minor Makefile fix for parallel make
191 * use Cairo instead of deprecated gdk drawing primitives
192 * avoid deprecated gtk methods when using newer gtk versions
193 * raised minimum supported gtkmm version to 2.8
194 * ported to gtkmm 3, keeping compatibility with gtkmm 2
195 * gtkmm 3 fix: rewrote the custom widgets (regionchooser and
196 dimregionchooser) so they only draw pixels in the on_draw
197 method. This should make them work again in newer gtkmm 3
198 environments.
199 * added support for new glibmm threads API
200 * gtkmm 3 fix: the WrapLabel custom widget is not needed in gtkmm 3
201 * fixed building on Debian testing (#186)
202 * modernized configure script
203 * added graphical curves for velocity response and crossfade
204 * added "Duplicate Instrument" function
205 * fixed import of 32 bit float wav files
206 * code refactoring: created a PropEdit class for property editor
207 windows, moved Table class from mainwindow to paramedit
208 * minor gui tweaks: made note entry fields a bit wider, set a
209 minimum width for scales
210 * bug fix: avoid stale information in the instrument properties
211 window when a new file is loaded or the instrument is removed
212 * cross fade graph: draw curves of all layers in the same graph
213 * made sure the instruments menu is updated when instruments are
214 added, removed or renamed
215 * fixed name entry field in instrument properties window
216 * use character encoding Windows-1252 for all strings in gig files
217 * show dimension zone start and end as numeric text labels
218 * copying sample informations automatically may now be disabled from the
219 new "Edit" main menu
220 * import 'fine tune' when importing samples with libsndfile
221 * Mac OS X: initialize gtk and gettext with files from base
222 directory of the libgigedit library
223 * Mac OS X: fixed "recently used" in file dialogs
224 * Mac OS X: avoid crash when starting gigedit as an application
225 bundle
226 * Mac OS X: try to launch the GUI on the process's "main" thread
227 * show build date and libgig version number in about dialog
228 * added dialog for editing the CtrlTrigger and Legato midi rules
229 * if there is no region yet, show a red hint text to the user that he may
230 right click on the region chooser area to add a region
231 * added tooltips to main menu entries (was buggy before)
232 * added tooltips to instruments tree view and samples tree view
233 * added various tooltips and adjusted some labels on the region settings
234 pane
235 * GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: only a small set of possible MIDI controllers
236 was selectable for EG1 controller, EG2 controller and attenuation
237 controller (and no CC number was shown in the combo box). Obviously the
238 additional MIDI controllers can only be used with LinuxSampler, they would
239 not work with Gigasampler/GigaStudio. A warning message will be shown
240 though whenever somebody tries to use one of those extension controllers.
241 * Combine instruments: a new feature that allows to merge a selection of
242 instruments to one new single instrument. It uses the 'layer' dimension
243 to stack up the instruments. This feature is available from the main menu
244 under 'Tools' -> 'Combine Instruments'.
245 * Dimension zone amount: Support for increasing and decreasing the amount of
246 dimension zones by right clicking on the respective zone and either
247 selecting "delete" or "split" in the popup menu.
248 * Combine instruments: generalized this tool to allow combining instruments
249 based on any dimension, not only the 'layer' dimension.
250 * 'Dimension Manager' dialog: show dialog window with at least 460x300px on
251 initial usage (was far too small by default).
252 * File Property Dialog: allow viewing and altering the Giga file format
253 version (by combo box).
254 * 'Dimension Manager' dialog: added support for viewing and editing
255 dimensions of all regions simultaniously.
256 * GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added support for managing and editing
257 real-time instrument scripts. Instrument scripts are a LinuxSampler
258 extension of the original Giga format and will not load with the
259 GigaStudio software.
260 * GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added support for managing script slots for
261 instruments. Script slots define which scripts shall be executed for an
262 instrument by the sampler and in which order.
263 * Samples tree view on main window: display the amount of references for
264 each sample and show the respective sample in gray color in case it is not
265 referenced at all.
266 * Samples tree view: implemented sample reference browser, which shows a
267 tree with all instruments and their respective regions which reference the
268 selected sample once ore more.
269 * Restructured main menu: duplicated all popup menus to the main menu,
270 automatically switch to the right tree view tab when either selecting the
271 "Sample", "Instrument" or "Script" main menu entry.
272 * Dimension Region Selector: implemented multi zone selection by press and
273 hold CTRL key.
274 * Dimension Region Selector: show bottom and upper limit values for all
275 dimension zones, not just the currently selected ones.
276 * Dimension Region Selector: Fixed drawing issues when zone sizes were
277 altered by mouse drag and labels being displayed at wrong positions.
278 * Region Chooser: Double click opens dimension manager dialog.
279 * Dimension Manager: Clicking on dimension type cell of an existing dimension
280 opens a popup to alter the dimension type.
281 * Script Tree: Double click opens script editor.
282 * Fixed potential crash if exception was thrown while opening a gig file.
283 * Added support for visual progress bar while saving a gig file.
284 * Automatically switch the sampler's (audible) instrument whenever another
285 instrument was selected in gigedit (this default behavior can be switched
286 off in the settings menu of gigedit).
287 * Dimension Region Editor: Show coarse sample format info (audio channels,
288 bit depth, sample rate) and unique sample ID (since the gig format allows
289 different samples to have the same name).
290 * Dimension Region Editor: Added button "Select Sample" on the sample tab,
291 which allows to conveniently select the dimension region's sample on the
292 left hand side's samples tree view.
293 * Sample Referenve View Dialog: Clicking on a reference in the list closes
294 the dialog and jumps directly to the respective instrument, region and
295 dimension region the respective sample reference is located at.
296 * Fixed instruments, samples and scripts to appear twice after save.
297 * Implemented reordering of instruments by drag & drop.
298 * Implemented replacing of existing samples.
299 * Added "X" button next to sample reference field, which allows to remove
300 the current sample reference, allowing to create a "silent case" where
301 no sample shall be played.
302 * Fixed file name disappearing from title bar on certain actions.
303 * Added new menu item "View"->"Refresh All".
304 * Added new menu item "Samples"->"Remove Unused Samples".
305 * Region Chooser: when moving a region around automatically move the
306 keyboard position dependent pitch accordingly (can be turned off with
307 "Settings"->"Move root key with region moved").
308 * Added option to main menu for performing "Save" operation with a
309 tempoary file (may perform faster than directly modifying existing
310 .gig file).
312 Version 0.2.0 (2009-07-31)
314 * fixed file properties dialog - properties now can be edited
315 * gig files where regions are not internally ordered are now handled
316 * the resize mouse pointer is not shown anymore for regions that
317 can't be resized
318 * the region and dimregion chooser widgets are now resizable
319 * bugfix: sometimes you could not delete more than one dimension
320 * filter headers are now also greyed out when the filter is inactive
321 * autoconf fix: LS plugin dirs with digits in their prefix
322 (e.g. "/usr/lib64/foo") are now resolved in relative dirs as well
323 (show a warning when resolving the relative path failed)
324 * keys on the virtual keyboard now highlight on note on events on
325 sampler side
326 * virtual keyboard can now trigger notes for the sampler (only in
327 live-mode of course)
328 * implemented alternative behavior for the virtual MIDI keyboard
329 (selectable by combobox below the keyboard)
330 * show absolute velocity value of note-on & note-off events below
331 the virtual MIDI keyboard
332 * renamed misleading names regarding the gig format's "keyswitching"
333 feature (the dimension is now displayed as "keyswitching" instead of
334 "keyboard" in the dimregchooser widget and the two parameters for
335 defining the actual keyswitching area on the keyboard in the instruments
336 properties dialog are now called "Keyswitching range low/high" instead of
337 "Dimension key range low/high")
338 * added "replace all samples" function to samples popup menu
339 (patch by Anders Dahnielson, a bit extended, fixes #73)
340 * bugfix: dimension manager window didn't update when another region
341 was selected (#78)
342 * in "Save As..." dialog set inital filename to "copy_of_<filename>" and
343 show a warning message that saving to the same .gig file will corrupt
344 the sample wave data
345 * fixed compilation with gcc 4.3
346 * the "Add Samples" dialog now remembers current directory (patch by
347 Devin Anderson, fixes #81)
348 * it is now possible to create dimensions where the amount of zones
349 isn't a power of two (patch by Devin Anderson, #89, slightly
350 modified)
351 * fixed configure check for libsndfile loop support
352 * bugfix: when a stereo sample is replaced, make sure both zones of
353 the sample channel dimension get updated with the new sample
354 * minor gui fix: made multi line lables expand to use full width
355 * fixes for building the plugin with MinGW
356 * added rpm packaging file
357 (patch by Devin Anderson, slightly modified, fixes #88)
358 * made all visible strings translatable
359 * bugfix: inform the sampler when new file(s) has been imported on save
360 operation (#82)
361 * updated LinuxSampler plugin of gigedit to the latest liblinuxsampler
362 C++ API changes
363 * Windows: look for translations using base directory of libgigedit
364 dll
365 * virtual keyboard fixes: restore to grey when outside keyboard.
366 Don't trigger multiple notes for each key when moving mouse.
368 Version 0.1.1 (2007-12-06)
370 * multiple editor windows can now be opened by the plugin
371 * bugfix: gigedit didn't start on windows 2000
372 * standard gtk command line parameters is now handled
373 * parameter edits can now be applied to multiple regions and
374 dimension regions simultaneously - three checkboxes were added
375 that select if changes apply to all regions and/or all dimension
376 regions
378 Version 0.1.0 (2007-10-15)
380 * fixed compilation with older gcc versions
381 * added German translation
382 * reworked instrument properties dialog - properties can now be
383 edited
384 * restructured dimension region editor for elements to be in a more
385 logical and intuitive order
386 * added Makefile.cvs (just for standard compliance with other projects)
387 * added Debian packaging infrastructure
388 * implemented sample loop editing
389 * improved labels in dimension region editor
390 * use normal layout for checkboxes
391 * allow to resize dimension zones even when the respective dimension has
392 no custom dimension splits yet
393 * moved instrument editor into a shared library 'libgigedit', the 'gigedit'
394 binary is now just calling that shared library
395 * implemented an "instrument editor plugin" for LinuxSampler to allow
396 on-the-fly instrument editing within the sampler's own process
397 (revised directories to a more automake-friendly structure for this, to
398 avoid compilation and install errors)
399 * added experimental support to synchronize gigedit with LinuxSampler to
400 avoid race conditions / crash while modifying data structures
401 * added quick start documentation by Alexander Methke
402 * a changed file is now marked with an asterisk in the window title
403 * added close confirmation dialog, shown if file is changed
404 * "save" means "save as" for new files
405 * enabled acceleration keys
406 * add .gig to filename in "save as" if it's not already there
407 * filename character encodings other than utf-8 supported
408 * regions can now be moved, not just resized
409 * improved labels in instrument properties dialog
410 * remove file extensions from file names when importing samples
411 * added digits for octave numbers on the keyboard and made keys
412 outside piano range grey
413 * added support for 24 bit sample import
414 * when importing samples, settings for loops and root note are
415 copied from the sample files (if they have such settings)
416 * start with a new gig file by default
417 * make sure samplechannel dimension gets created for stereo samples
418 * allow building with older versions of gtk and libsndfile
419 * remember selected dimension when switching regions
420 * check if file is savable before trying to save
421 * gettext is now an optional dependency
422 * added Dev-C++ project files for Windows systems
423 * added status bar to the bottom of main window (independent area on the
424 right shows whether gigedit is running stand-alone or attached to
425 LinuxSampler)
426 * fixed crash when gigedit was compiled with CXXFLAGS="-g"
428 Version 0.0.3 (2007-03-24)
430 * first release of gigedit

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