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Tue May 17 14:30:10 2016 UTC (3 years, 8 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 465 byte(s)
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added support for saving gig file
  larger than 4 GB as one single monolithic gig file. A new custom RIFF
  chunk "FFmt" was added to distinguish such monolithic large .gig files
  from old ones which were splitted over several (.gx01, .gx02, ...)
  "extension" files before.
* DLS.cpp/.h: Sample class: wave pool offsets are now 64 bits (to allow
  support for files larger than 4 GB).
* RIFF.cpp/.h: Addded support for RIFF files larger than 4 GB, by default
  the required internal RIFF file offset size is automatically detected
  (that is RIFF files < 4 GB automatically use 32 bit offsets while
  files >= 4 GB automatically use 64 bit offsets), a particular offset
  size can be forced with a new option added to the RIFF File constructor
* RIFF.cpp/.h: When saving a modified, grown RIFF file, the temporary file
  size during Save() operation will no longer be larger than the final
  grown file size.
* Automake: Set environment variable GCC_COLORS=auto to allow GCC to auto
  detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn3).

1 # require automake >= 1.5 (mandatory for option dist-bzip2)
2 AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.5 dist-bzip2
4 SUBDIRS = doc man src debian win32 osx
6 # to prevent compile errors on some systems
7 AM_CXXFLAGS = -pedantic
9 # let GCC auto detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color
10 export GCC_COLORS=auto
12 pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
13 pkgconfig_DATA = gig.pc akai.pc
15 EXTRA_DIST = libgig.kdevelop
17 docs: Doxyfile
18 @echo '*** Running doxygen ***'
19 doxygen Doxyfile

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