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Sat Dec 4 14:13:49 2004 UTC (15 years, 2 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 927 byte(s)
* src/DLS.cpp, src/gig.cpp: experimental support for Gigasampler v3 format;
  64 bit file offsets are truncated to 32 bit, 24 bit samples are truncated
  to 16 bit and additional articulation informations are ignored at the
  moment, added some file format compatibility checks
  (patch by Andreas Persson)

1 schoenebeck 2 DLS Part:
2     - support for conditional chunks
3     - check for ZSTR terminated strings in DLS::Info::LoadString()
4 schoenebeck 317 - real support for 64 bit offsets (used by Gigasampler v3 files)
5 schoenebeck 2
6     Gig Part:
7     - support for <3dnl> chunk in gig::Region class which provides optional
8     textual descriptions for dimensions
9     - support for <3gnm> chunk in gig::File class which contains names of
10     sample groups
11     - additional scan for compressed samples in
12     gig::Sample::ScanCompressedSample() to build a table with the compression
13     mode of each compressed frame in the sample allowing a more efficient
14     Read() on runtime
15     - low level optimization in decompression algorithm
16     - optional writing of frame table to disk to speed up loading of compressed
17     samples
18 schoenebeck 317 - real support for 24 bit samples (introduced by Gigasampler v3 format)
19     - support for additional articulation informations introduced by the
20     Gigasampler v3 format

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