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Mon May 9 14:09:16 2005 UTC (15 years, 5 months ago) by schoenebeck
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preparations for release 2.0.0

1 DLS Part:
2 - support for conditional chunks
3 - check for ZSTR terminated strings in DLS::Info::LoadString()
4 - real support for 64 bit offsets (used by Gigasampler v3 files)
6 Gig Part:
7 - Write support? Please let me know if you are interested to write an
8 instrument editor based on libgig. I'm not going to add write support
9 to libgig until somebody tells me his intention to seriously write such
10 a tool!
11 - support for <3dnl> chunk in gig::Region class which provides optional
12 textual descriptions for dimensions
13 - support for <3gnm> chunk in gig::File class which contains names of
14 sample groups
15 - additional scan for compressed samples in
16 gig::Sample::ScanCompressedSample() to build a table with the compression
17 mode of each compressed frame in the sample allowing a more efficient
18 Read() on runtime
19 - low level optimization in decompression algorithm
20 - optional writing of frame table to disk to speed up loading of compressed
21 samples
22 - real support for 24 bit samples (introduced by Gigasampler v3 format)
23 - support for additional articulation informations introduced by the
24 Gigasampler v3 format

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