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revision 571 by flax, Thu Mar 10 14:42:22 2005 UTC revision 572 by flax, Tue May 24 01:46:20 2005 UTC
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1  #commands used to package libgig : Author flatmax <@Matt.Flax>  #commands used to package libgig : Author flatmax <@Matt.Flax>
2  #original packaging by Christian Schoenebeck  #original packaging by Christian Schoenebeck
3  cd ~/debian/debRelease/libgig  cd ~/debian/debRelease/libgig
4  MINORVERSION=cvs02032005  MINORVERSION=cvs20050523
5  rm -rf libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION libgig_1.0.$MINORVERSION.orig* *.deb *.dsc libgig_* libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz  rm -rf libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION libgig_2.0.$MINORVERSION.orig* *.deb *.dsc libgig_* libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz
6  rm -rf libgig  rm -rf libgig
7  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.linuxsampler.org:/var/cvs/linuxsampler co libgig  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.linuxsampler.org:/var/cvs/linuxsampler co libgig
8  find libgig -name 'CVS' | xargs rm -rf  find libgig -name 'CVS' | xargs rm -rf
9  tar zcpf libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz libgig  tar zcpf libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz libgig
10  #tar zcpf libgig-1.0.0.tar.gz libgig  cp libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz /tmp
11  mv libgig libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION  mv libgig libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION
12  rm -rf libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION/debian  rm -rf libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION/debian
13  cp -a debian libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION/  cp -a debian libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION/
14  rm -rf libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION/debian/*~  rm -rf libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION/debian/*~
15  cd libgig-1.0.$MINORVERSION  cd libgig-2.0.$MINORVERSION
16  dh_make -e flatmax@Matt.Flax -f ../libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz  dh_make -e flatmax@Matt.Flax -f ../libgig.$MINORVERSION.tar.gz
18  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
19  cd ..  cd ..
20  lintian -i libgig_1.0.$MINORVERSION-1_i386.changes  lintian -i libgig_2.0.$MINORVERSION-1_i386.changes
21  linda -i libgig_1.0.$MINORVERSION-1_i386.changes  linda -i libgig_2.0.$MINORVERSION-1_i386.changes

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