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Mon Jun 18 08:04:37 2007 UTC (11 years ago) by schoenebeck
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- lib needs to be linked against CoreFoundation (on OSX) for the latest
  DLSID (uuid) generation support (patch by Toshi Nagata)

1 export BUILD_BASE_DIR=$PWD/../temp_build
2 export WITH_INSTALL=1
3 export CONFIG_OPTIONS="--disable-shared"
4 export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$BUILD_BASE_DIR/$BUILD_STYLE/local/lib/pkgconfig"
5 export UB_PRODUCTS="bin/dlsdump bin/gigextract bin/rifftree bin/gigdump lib/libgig.a"
6 export CFLAGS="-framework CoreFoundation"
8 source $PROJECT_DIR/autoconf_builder.sh

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