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1 Compiling liblscp for Mac OS X with XCode
2 ========================================
4 Requirements
5 ------------
7 The XCode project uses autotools build files. On Mac OS 10.4, you need
8 to install pkg-config (available at http://pkgconfig.freedesktop.org/wiki/).
10 If you are to build the CVS snapshot, then you need to do the following
11 steps to make autotools work correctly:
13 $ sudo ln -sf /usr/bin/glibtoolize /usr/local/bin/libtoolize
14 $ sudo cat >/usr/local/bin/aclocal <<'EOF'
15 #!/bin/sh
16 /usr/bin/aclocal -I /usr/local/share/aclocal $@
17 EOF
18 $ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/aclocal
20 Layout of the Directories
21 -------------------------
23 The XCode project for liblscp creates a temporary build directory as
24 "$LIBGIG/../temp_build/$BUILD_STYLE" (where $LIBGIG is the libgig
25 directory, and $BUILD_STYLE is the build style defined in the XCode
26 project). In this directory, the following subdirectories are created
27 and used:
28 $BASE.build:
29 Intermediate build directory. Symbolic links to the original
30 source files are placed and "configure && make" is performed in
31 this directory. ($BASE is the basename of the liblscp directory.)
32 local:
33 The product, liblscp.a, is "installed" in local/lib.
34 Such a layout allows you to build binaries of different architectures
35 (and build options) independently. On the other hand, you will need to
36 link liblscp.a statically because you cannot expect other users to place
37 liblscp.a at the same path. The XCode project takes care of this by
38 giving "--disable-shared" to configure.
40 Also note that this temporary directory is outside the liblscp directory
41 and will be shared with the Xcode projects for other linuxsampler
42 subproducts. So it is best to create a common directory for all
43 linuxsampler subproducts and place the liblscp directory (and the
44 directories of other linuxsampler subproducts) in it.
46 Universal Binaries
47 ------------------
49 You can create the Universal Binaries by selecting "Deployment_UB" build
50 style and build. The binaries for i386 and ppc architectures are built
51 separately and then automatically combined. The products are found in
52 $LIBLSCP/../temp_build/Deployment_UB/local/{bin,lib}.
54 You can also create the binaries for i386 and ppc architectures
55 separately by selecting "Deployment_i386" and "Deployment_ppc" built
56 styles respectively. This may be more convenient when you make your
57 binary exclusively for your own use.
59 Note that the current XCode project does _not_ take care of liblscp.la
60 and pkgconfig/lscp.pc when creating the Universal Binary.
62 Additional Information
63 ----------------------
65 The XCode project just invokes autoconf_builder.sh after
66 setting relevant environmental variables. If you are interested
67 (or feel suspicious), please examine autoconf_builder.sh.
70 History
71 -------
73 6 May 2007: First written (for libgig) by Toshi Nagata
74 9 May 2007: Updated to account for the Deployment_UB target
75 30 Dec 2007: Updated for liblscp project

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