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Artwork/  654  15 years  schoenebeck   * fixed 'make dist' build rule to include all necessary files
Documentation/  828  14 years  schoenebeck   bugfix in LSCP grammar definition (grammar rule 'param_val')
benchmarks/  851  14 years  schoenebeck   * added synthesis benchmark for gig::Engine
debian/  882  14 years  schoenebeck   fixed debian packaging file inclusion for release tarball
m4/  838  14 years  schoenebeck   * added aRts audio output driver (by no means RT safe)
man/  691  15 years  schoenebeck   another minor update of the man page
osx/  885  14 years  schoenebeck   * various fixes to allow liblinuxsampler to be used (as a native C++ library) …
scripts/  827  14 years  schoenebeck   script did not remove spaces at end of lines
src/  890  14 years  schoenebeck   just some refactoring work, moved the following files: - src/engines/common/Eng…
templates/  56  16 years  schoenebeck   updated copyright header for 2004
AUTHORS  579  15 years  schoenebeck   * src/network/lscpserver.cpp: fixed segfault (patch by Grigor Iliev, fixes #17…
COPYING  5  16 years  schoenebeck   Initial revision
ChangeLog  877  14 years  persson   * new filter implementation, which is more accurate and supports all filter ty…
Doxyfile.in  697  15 years  schoenebeck   * install necessary development header files for allowing 3rd party applicatio…
INSTALL  9  16 years  schoenebeck   * transition from plain Makefile to autotools, source files moved to src/ * conf…
Makefile.am  884  14 years  schoenebeck   include benchmark source files in release tarball
Makefile.cvs  697  15 years  schoenebeck   * install necessary development header files for allowing 3rd party applicatio…
NEWS  692  15 years  schoenebeck   * preparation for bugfix release 0.3.3
README  863  14 years  schoenebeck   - updated copyright for 2006
configure.in  857  14 years  schoenebeck   updated dependency to latest libgig release (3.0.0)
linuxsampler.kdevelop  651  15 years  schoenebeck   fixed KDevelop project file to allow compilation of current LS (changed CXXFLAGS…
linuxsampler.pc.in  886  14 years  schoenebeck   fixed libdir path
linuxsampler.spec.in  868  14 years  capela   * packaging changes: - changed deprecated copyright attribute to license; ad…

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