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Fri Jul 31 07:45:47 2009 UTC (10 years, 8 months ago) by schoenebeck
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* preparations for release 1.0.0

1 schoenebeck 579 Benno Senoner <benno@gardena.net> originally wrote the proof-of-concept code
2 schoenebeck 1601 "Evo" and ported LinuxSampler to the Windows platform.
3 schoenebeck 5
4 schoenebeck 579 Christian Schoenebeck <cuse@users.sourceforge.net> was and is currently the
5     main author of LinuxSampler.
6 senkov 260
7 schoenebeck 579 Vladimir Senkov <hangup@users.sourceforge.net> was the first one who
8     actively joined the development of this application. He was especially
9     involved in designing the network protocol "LSCP" and it's implementation on
10     LinuxSampler side and in developing the MMX/SSE(1) assembly optimizations.
11     Not to forget the huge list of bugs he fixed.
13     Steve Harris made the filter impulse response analysis of the Gigasampler
14 schoenebeck 937 filters and developed the first version of the Gigasampler style filters.
15 schoenebeck 579
16 schoenebeck 1431 St├ęphane Letz <letz@grame.fr> was responsible for the initial OS X port and
17     fixed couple of bugs.
18 schoenebeck 579
19     Rui Nuno Capela was also especially involved in the "LSCP" design and
20     implementation.
22     Andreas Persson made a lot of important fixes and improvents regarding the
23     Gigasampler format handling. Especially the Gigasmpler v3 format support was
24 schoenebeck 937 developed by him. He also had his hands on a lot of quality improvements
25 schoenebeck 1956 and bug fixes and developed the base host plugin system and implemented
26     support for the sampler being used as VST, DSSI and LV2 plugin.
27 schoenebeck 579
28 schoenebeck 937 Grigor Iliev <grishata@users.sourceforge.net> added and implemented LSCP
29     commands for muting and solo-ing sampler channels, added sostenuto pedal
30 schoenebeck 1956 support, implemented the instruments database system and the Audio Unit
31     plugin version of the sampler for Mac and fixed a lot of bugs.
32 schoenebeck 937
33 schoenebeck 1431 Toshi Nagata was responsible for the current OS X port and added autoconf
34     support to the XCode project file.
36 schoenebeck 579 Smaller (but not necessarily minor) patches were received from the following
37     people:
39     James Klicman
40     "Gene" a.k.a Anders Alm
41 schoenebeck 937 Ebrahim Mayat
42     Juan Linietsky
43 schoenebeck 1431 Till Wimmer
44 schoenebeck 1601 Ronald Baljeu
45 schoenebeck 1639 Alexis Ballier
46 schoenebeck 1956 Andrew Williams
47     Devin Anderson
48     Chris Cherrett

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