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revision 937 by schoenebeck, Fri Nov 24 17:43:09 2006 UTC revision 1038 by persson, Sat Feb 3 15:33:00 2007 UTC
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1    Version CVS HEAD (?)
3      * general changes:
4        - replaced the old, confusing MIDI program change mechanism by a
5          flexible MIDI instrument mapper which allows to map arbitrary
6          (MIDI bank, MIDI program) pairs with arbitrary
7          (engine type, instrument file, file index) triplets which will be
8          loaded on the respective channel when such MIDI program change
9          messages arrive, beside that, each entry allows to define a life-time
10          strategy for the instrument, so the user can define whether the
11          instrument should i.e. be permanently loaded (to be able to switch
12          quickly among sounds) or i.e. loaded just on demand when the
13          respective program change arrives (to safe RAM space), as well as a
14          global volume factor for each entry, so the user can adjust the volume
15          dynamic of his mapped instrument collection without having to modify
16          the instrument files, also one can manage arbitrary amount of such
17          MIDI instrument maps and assign each sampler channel individually
18          a certain map, so that i.e. separation of normal instruments and
19          drumkits is possible
20        - new notification events for tracking audio/MIDI device changes,
21          MIDI instrument map changes and MIDI instrument changes
22        - sampler was limited to load max. 200 instruments in the background
23          due to a constant size RingBuffer FIFO which is now replaced by a
24          dynamic (unlimited) size std::list FIFO
25        - added FX sends, these allow to route audio signals to arbitrary audio
26          output channels for being processed by external effect processors
27          (i.e. jack-rack), the send levels are controllable via arbitrary MIDI
28          controllers
29        - global (sampler wide) volume can now be controlled at runtime
31      * MIDI driver:
32        - dispatch bank select (MSB and LSB) messages
34      * Gigasampler format engine:
35        - if a filter is used and EG2 finishes before EG1, let the voice
36          die when EG2 has finished (this fixes a problem with clicks and
37          voice starvation for some gigs)
38        - playback is no longer disabled during instrument loading
39        - all notes playing on a channel that changes its instrument keep
40          playing with the old instrument until they get a note off
41          command
43      * Bug fixes:
44        - fixed crash occurring on certain LSCP scripts (Bug 39)
45        - another thread safety fix for lscp "load engine" and "set
46          channel audio output device"
48  Version 0.4.0 (24 November 2006)  Version 0.4.0 (24 November 2006)
50    * packaging changes:    * packaging changes:

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