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revision 946 by schoenebeck, Fri Nov 24 17:43:09 2006 UTC revision 947 by schoenebeck, Mon Nov 27 21:34:55 2006 UTC
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1    Version CVS HEAD (?)
3      * general changes:
4        - replaced the old, confusing MIDI program change mechanism by a
5          flexible MIDI instrument mapper which allows to map arbitrary
6          (MIDI bank MSB, MIDI bank LSB, MIDI program) triplets with arbitrary
7          (engine type, instrument file, file index) triplets which will be
8          loaded on the respective channel when such MIDI program change
9          messages arrive, beside that, each entry allows to define a life-time
10          strategy for the instrument, so the user can define whether the
11          instrument should i.e. be permanently loaded (to be able to switch
12          quickly among sounds) or i.e. loaded just on demand when the
13          respective program change arrives (to safe RAM space), as well as a
14          global volume factor for each entry, so the user can adjust the volume
15          dynamic of his mapped instrument collection without having to modify
16          the instrument files
18      * MIDI driver:
19        - dispatch bank select (MSB and LSB) messages
21  Version 0.4.0 (24 November 2006)  Version 0.4.0 (24 November 2006)
23    * packaging changes:    * packaging changes:

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