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Sat Aug 5 17:55:49 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 7957 byte(s)
* little configure.in fix for PPC
  (patch by Ebrahim Mayat)

1 Version CVS HEAD (?)
3 * packaging changes:
4 - changed deprecated copyright attribute to license; added ldconfig
5 to post-(un)install steps; added devel package for liblinuxsampler;
6 to linuxsampler.spec (RPM)
7 - install necessary development header files for allowing 3rd party
8 applications to link against liblinuxsampler
9 - liblinuxsampler's API documentation can be generated with 'make docs'
10 (Doxygen required)
11 - added benchmark to automatically detect the best triangle LFO
12 implementation (currently either an integer math solution or a
13 di-harmonic approximation), automatic detection can be overriden
14 with --enable-signed-triang-algo=x and --enable-unsigned-triang-algo=x
15 configure script argument though (mandatory for cross-compilation)
16 - do not automatically pick optimized gcc flags if the user already
17 provided some on his own (as CXXFLAGS)
18 - added compile time option to disable processing of All-Notes-Off MIDI
19 messages
20 - added compile time options to allow disabling the various audio and
21 MIDI drivers
22 - fixed automatic GCC CPU switch detection on PPC
23 (patch by Ebrahim Mayat)
25 * Gigasampler format engine:
26 - extensive synthesis optimization
27 (reimplementation of EGs and LFO(s), removed synthesis parameter
28 prerendering and the synthesis parameter matrix in general, splitting
29 each audio fragment into subfragments now where each subfragment uses
30 constant pitch and filter coefficients. The volume coefficient is
31 linearly interpolated inside a subfragment, unless
32 --disable-interpolate-volume is set.)
33 - fine tuning of the EG modulation parameters
34 - improved filter cutoff calculation by adding support for the
35 following gig parameters: Cutoff freq (used when no cutoff
36 controller is defined), Control invert, Minimum cutoff, Velocity
37 curve and Velocity range. The keyboard tracking now scales
38 cutoff frequency instead of resonance.
39 - added support for gig parameter Resonance.
40 - fixed bug in sysex handling (patch by Juan Linietsky)
41 - added global volume attenuation of -9 dB (0.35f) to prevent clipping
42 which can be overridden with --enable-global-attenuation
43 - EG fixes: made the length of "attack hold" stage more
44 accurate. Release stage can now start before attack stage
45 ends. Cancel release didn't work when sustain was zero. Attack
46 time now has a minimal value to prevent clicks.
47 - fixed pitch changes larger than one octave
48 - fixed EG3 (pitch envelope) synthesis which was neutral all the time
49 - implemented portamento mode and solo mode (a.k.a 'mono mode'):
50 all modes can be altered via standard GM messages, that is CC5 for
51 altering portamento time, CC65 for enabling / disabling portamento
52 mode, CC126 for enabling solo mode and CC127 for disabling solo mode
53 - fine tuning of the curves for volume (CC7), pan (CC10 and gig
54 parameter) and crossfade
55 - added support for the "attenuation controller threshold" gig
56 parameter
57 - added smoothing of volume changes caused by control change
58 messages
59 - sample loop parameters are now taken from the DimensionRegion
60 instead of the wave chunk
61 - fixed keyswitching for v3 gigs with a number of keyswitch splits
62 not equal to a power of two
63 - reimplementation of the filter algorithm. The new filter is more
64 accurate and supports all gig filter types, including bandreject
65 and lowpass turbo.
66 - real support for 24 bit samples - samples are not truncated to
67 16 bits anymore
68 - support for aftertouch (channel pressure, not polyphonic
69 aftertouch)
71 * LSCP server:
72 - fixed application exit on broken pipe error (fixes bug #20)
73 - fixed the notification messages delay due to lack of
74 network activity (fixes bug #26)
75 - fixed parser bug which occured on space(s) within device parameters
78 * audio driver:
79 - added aRts audio output driver (by no means RT safe)
81 * MIDI driver:
82 - fixed legacy sysex code which caused dispatching of MIDI SysEx
83 messages several times instead of once
84 - API extension for MIDI drivers which already supply exact time stamps
85 for events (i.e. for offline rendering based MIDI drivers)
87 * linuxsampler application:
88 - show available sampler engine types on startup
90 * general changes:
91 - support for muting sampler channels and solo mode of the same, two new
92 LSCP commands ("SET CHANNEL MUTE" and "SET CHANNEL SOLO") and two new
93 fields ("MUTE" and "SOLO") for command "GET CHANNEL INFO" were
94 introduced for this, the behavior is the same like on a mixer console
95 (patch by Grigor Iliev, a bit adjusted). Also added configure option
96 --enable-process-muted-channels which can be used to enable the
97 processing of muted channels.
98 - support for sostenuto pedal
99 - support for monitoring the total number of active voices
102 - fixed some memory management errors
103 - fixed some concurrency problems that could lead to crashes when
104 LSCP commands were executed
106 Version 0.3.3 (15 July 2005)
108 * packaging changes:
109 - fixed compilation with gcc 4.0
111 * Gigasampler format engine:
112 - LFO preprocessing was performed even though the respective LFO was
113 disabled by the instrument patch (minor efficiency fix)
114 - if period time of chosen audio device is too small (< MIN_RELEASE_TIME)
115 for volume ramp downs in the same fragment (needed for current voice
116 stealing implementation) then simply inform the user with a warning
117 about possible click sounds and reduce the volume ramp down
118 appropriately instead of cancelling the audio device connection
120 Version 0.3.2 (24 June 2005)
122 * packaging changes:
123 - updated autotools build files to compile on OS X
124 (conditional compilation of CoreMIDI and MidiShare drivers)
125 - hand-crafted assembly optimization code can be disabled with
126 './configure --disable-asm' (definitely not recommended)
127 - fixed 'make dist' rule to include all necessary files
128 - require automake (>= 1.5) for 'make -f Makefile.cvs'
129 (due to 'dist-bzip2' automake option)
131 * Gigasampler format engine:
132 - support for the gig parameters for "release velocity response" curves
133 - fine tuning of the EGADSR envelope
134 - volume of release triggered samples now depends on note-on velocity,
135 note length and gig parameter "release trigger decay" instead of
136 note-off velocity.
137 - revised voice stealing
138 (fixes crash and endless loop caused by voice stealing)
139 - don't reset scale tuning on instrument or audio output device change
140 - handle key group conflicts right at the beginning of each fragment
141 instead of when the respective voice is actually launched
142 (fixes undefined behavior if stolen voices belonged to a key group -
143 this case was followed by a "killed voice survived" error message)
144 - fixed minor issue with null/silence samples
145 (those stole voices even though they don't need a voice at all which
146 resulted in "voice stealing didn't work out" messages)
147 - don't reset volume, pan, pitch and MIDI controller values on
148 instrument or audio output device change
150 * LSCP server:
151 - fixed some crashes (patch by Grigor Iliev, fixes #19)
152 - fixed LSCP event "CHANNEL_INFO" notification
153 (e.g. did not notify on volume changes or MIDI program change events)
155 * linuxsampler application:
156 - added command line parameters --lscp-addr and --lscp-port to override
157 default IP address and port of LSCP server
159 Version 0.3.1 (24 May 2005)
161 * initial release

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