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revision 1955 by schoenebeck, Thu Dec 6 17:19:16 2007 UTC revision 1956 by schoenebeck, Fri Jul 31 07:45:47 2009 UTC
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1    Version 1.0.0 (30 July 2009)
3      This is the first release which allows the sampler to be used as audio
4      host plugin, namely supporting the standards VST, AU, DSSI and LV2. The
5      sampler's limits for max. voices & disk streams can now be altered at
6      runtime by frontends, no need to recompile the sampler anymore. The Mac
7      version now also supports CoreAudio as audio driver. The Windows version
8      finally supports the sampler's instruments DB feature as well, however
9      expect it still to be unstable at this point. Along to the already
10      existing JACK audio driver, Jack MIDI support has been added in this
11      release. The sampler allows frontends now basic MIDI control, that is to
12      monitor incoming MIDI data on MIDI input devices and sampler channels and
13      to send note-on and note-off MIDI events to sampler channels, which
14      allows frontends to provide a virtual MIDI keyboard to the user. Besides
15      these major changes there were countless bugfixes and optimizations.
17  Version 0.5.1 (6 December 2007)  Version 0.5.1 (6 December 2007)
19    This is the first release for the Windows platform, providing a MME MIDI    This is the first release for the Windows platform, providing a MME MIDI

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