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Tue May 29 23:59:36 2007 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 124 byte(s)
* added highly experimental support for on-the-fly instrument editing
  within the sampler's process (by using instrument editor plugins),
  you'll notice the new "Registered instrument editors:" message on
  startup, the plugin path can be overridden at compile time with
  ./configure --enable-plugin-dir=/some/dir
* added a new LSCP command "EDIT INSTRUMENT <sampler-channel>" to spawn
  a matching instrument editor for the instrument on the given sampler
  channel (LSCP command syntax might be subject to change soon)
* config.h is not going to be installed along with liblinuxsampler's
  API header files anymore (not necessary anymore)
* take care of $(DESTDIR) when creating the instruments DB on 'make
  install' rule (needed for packaging and cross compilation)
* bumped version to

1 debian/tmp/usr/lib/linuxsampler/lib*.so.* usr/lib/linuxsampler
2 debian/tmp/usr/lib/linuxsampler/plugins usr/lib/linuxsampler

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