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Wed Jan 27 20:29:36 2010 UTC (9 years, 10 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 2840 byte(s)
* Introduced support for optional environment variable
  "LINUXSAMPLER_PLUGIN_DIR" which allows to override the directory
  where the sampler shall look for instrument editor plugins
  (patch by Luis Garrido, slightly modified).
* bumped version to 1.0.0.cvs3

1 schoenebeck 2053 .TH "linuxsampler" "1" "27 Jan 2010" "linuxsampler @VERSION@" "User Manuals"
2 schoenebeck 579 .SH NAME
3     linuxsampler \- modular, streaming capable sampler
5     .B linuxsampler
6     [OPTIONS]
8     LinuxSampler is a modular, streaming capable sampler. The sampler is designed as
9     backend, that is server-like console application. You will need a frontend
10 schoenebeck 1432 application like QSampler or JSampler to control the sampler and manage sampler
11     sessions. Or you have to send LSCP commands manually to the sampler e.g. by
12     using telnet or netcat.
13 schoenebeck 579 .SH OPTIONS
14 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--help"
15 schoenebeck 689 Print command line help and exit.
16 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--version"
17     Print version information and exit.
18     .IP "--profile"
19 schoenebeck 2047 This option is currently not supported anymore, since the respective
20     profiling code is currently broken. Original behavior:
21 schoenebeck 689 Output benchmark messages on the console. This reflects the current
22     efficiency as abstract BogoVoice count which is something like a
23     theoretical limit of the amount of voices which can be rendered in the given
24 schoenebeck 691 scenario. It does not include all aspects of the sampler, that's why this
25     value is usually higher than what you really can achieve on your box. Also
26 schoenebeck 689 note that this value is as well dependant on what instrument patch you are
27     using and what you are playing.
28 schoenebeck 1432 For a compact synthesis core benchmark, independent from drivers and
29     instrument files, you might want to use the one coming with the sampler's
30     source files instead (directory "benchmarks" of the source files).
31     .IP "--no-tune"
32 schoenebeck 691 Disable assembly optimizations. Usually the sampler will detect CPU specific
33     features like MMX and SSE at runtime and use an appropriate assembly
34     optimized code in that case. With that switch you can disable this feature
35     and force the sampler to skip the assembly optimizations at runtime.
36 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--statistics"
37 schoenebeck 689 Output voice and disk stream count periodically on the console.
38 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--lscp-addr IPADDRESS"
39 schoenebeck 689 Defines IP address on which the LSCP server should listen to (default: any).
40 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--lscp-port NUMBER"
41 schoenebeck 689 Defines TCP port on which the LSCP server should listen to (default: 8888).
42 schoenebeck 1432 .IP "--create-instruments-db FILE"
43     Creates a database file with the given filename which can be used by the
44     sampler's instruments database system to maintain the user's collection of
45     instrument libraries. When this argument is given, the sampler will just
46     create the instruments DB file and exit.
47     .IP "--instruments-db-location FILE"
48     Overrides the location of the database file, which the sampler shall use for
49     its instruments database system
50     (default: @config_default_instruments_db_file@).
51 schoenebeck 2053 .SH ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
53     Allows to override the directory where LinuxSampler shall look for instrument
54     editor plugins.
55 schoenebeck 579 .SH "SEE ALSO"
56     qsampler(1)
57     .SH "BUGS"
58     Report bugs to http://bugs.linuxsampler.org
59     .SH "Author"
60     Written by Christian Schoenebeck <cuse@users.sf.net>

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