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Mon Jun 14 19:33:16 2004 UTC (14 years, 9 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 434 byte(s)
* src/common: added template class 'optional<>' which can be used e.g. as
  return type whenever a value might be returned, but don't has to; this
  template class pretty much acts like a pointer of the given type, but is
  much more safer than a simple pointer
* src/audiodriver: added static class AudioDeviceFactory to create audio
  devices at runtime by using a string and to obtain driver informations
  of drivers at runtime, driver classes should simply use the macro
  REGISTER_AUDIO_OUTPUT_DRIVER(DriverName,DriverClass) in their cpp file
  to register the driver to LinuxSampler (no changes needed anymore in the
  LS code to add a new audio output driver)
* src/drivers: added classes to dynamically manage driver parameters; there
  are two different kinds of parameters: parameters which are need to
  create a new device (DeviceCreationParameterX) used to e.g. create an
  audio output device or a MIDI input device and parameters which are only
  available at runtime, means when a device is already created
  (DeviceRuntimeParameterX) which will be e.g. used as audio channel
  parameters and MIDI port parameters
* src/linuxsampler.cpp: all registered audio output drivers will be shown
  on the console on startup
* src/network: implemented configuration of audio output devices via LSCP

1 schoenebeck 53 INCLUDES = $(all_includes)
3 schoenebeck 80
4     AM_CXXFLAGS = -ffast-math -march=$(target_cpu) -mcpu=$(target_cpu)
6 schoenebeck 57 noinst_LTLIBRARIES = liblinuxsamplercommon.la
7 schoenebeck 123 liblinuxsamplercommon_la_SOURCES = atomic.h Condition.cpp Condition.h ConditionServer.cpp ConditionServer.h global.h LinuxSamplerException.h Mutex.cpp Mutex.h ResourceManager.h RingBuffer.h RTELMemoryPool.h RTMath.cpp RTMath.h Thread.cpp Thread.h optional.h optional.cpp

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