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Tue May 3 00:37:35 2005 UTC (14 years ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 488 byte(s)
* removed statically included libgig sources from the LinuxSampler code
  base - you now have to compile and install libgig separately
* added -Wreturn-type gcc switch to avoid bugs with no returns on non void
  functions in future

1 INCLUDES = $(all_includes)
4 AM_CXXFLAGS = -Wreturn-type -ffast-math -march=$(target_cpu)
6 noinst_LTLIBRARIES = liblinuxsamplercommon.la
7 liblinuxsamplercommon_la_SOURCES = atomic.h Condition.cpp Condition.h ConditionServer.cpp ConditionServer.h global.h LinuxSamplerException.h Mutex.cpp Mutex.h ResourceManager.h RingBuffer.h RTMath.cpp RTMath.h Thread.cpp Thread.h optional.h optional.cpp stacktrace.c stacktrace.h Features.cpp
8 noinst_HEADERS = Features.h ArrayList.h

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