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Fri Aug 30 11:40:25 2019 UTC (12 months, 4 weeks ago) by schoenebeck
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NKSP: Allow more wider support of standard measuring units & 'final'ness.

* Raised compiler requirement to be C++14 compliant (due to severe
  restrictions regarding C-style aggregate initializer lists in C++11
  which are now massively used throughout the code base).

* NKSP VM API: Allow units and 'final'ness to be returned as result from
  built-in functions (added methods VMFunction::returnUnitType() and
  VMFunction::returnsFinal() for that purpose which must be implemented by
  built-in function implementations).

* NKSP language: Allow metric unit prefixes of numeric scalar and array
  variables to be changed freely at runtime (unlike unit types like Hz etc.
  which are still sticky parse-time features of variables which cannot be
  changed at runtime for the intentional sake of determinism).

* NKSP language: 'final' values are prohibited for array variables for now
  (attempt causes a parsers error).

* NKSP language: expressions with unit types (e.g. Hz) are prohibited for
  conditions of runtime control structures like if(), while(), select()
  (attempt causes a parser error).

* NKSP VM API: Allow built-in functions to perform their own, individual
  parse time checks of arguments going to be passed to the function at
  runtime (added method VMFunction::checkArgs() for that purpose).

* NKSP language: raise parser warning if only one operand of binary
  operators (like logical 'or' comparison) contain a 'final' value (because
  it would always yield in a 'final' result in such cases).

* NKSP language: Allow comparison (=, #, <, >, <=, >=) of values with
  different metric unit prefixes, which will behave as expected (e.g.
  result of expression '1000us < 2ms' is true).

* NKSP language: Allow adding values with different metric unit prefixes
  (e.g. result of expression '100Hz + 5kHz' is '5100Hz').

* NKSP language: Allow subtracting values with different metric unit
  prefixes (e.g. result of expression '1ms - 20us' is '980us').

* NKSP language: Allow multiplying with any metric unit prefixes
  (e.g. result of expression '2k * 3ms' is '6s'), however multiplications
  with unit types on both sides (e.g. '2s * 2s') is still prohibited since
  we don't have any considerable practical use for a term like '4s^2'
  (hence any attempt multiplying two unit types still causes parser error).

* NKSP language: Allow dividing by any metric unit prefixes and allow
  division of same unit type on both sides (e.g. expression '8kHz / 1000Hz'
  yields in unit free result '8'). So this is now a way to cast units away
  e.g. for passing the result to other expressions, certain function calls
  or variables which are not accepting any units (or that specific unit).

* NKSP language: integer arrays and real number arrays can now be converted
  to strings (e.g. for dumping their content with message() calls for
  script debugging purposes).

* NKSP language: expressions and variables with units are now correctly
  casted to strings (e.g. with message() calls).

* NKSP language: comparing real numbers for equalness (e.g. '~foo = 3.1') or
  unequalness (e.g. '~foo # 3.1') is now less strict and takes the expected
  floating point tolerances into account.

* NKSP VM API: Added methods VMScalarNumberExpr::evalCastInt() and

* NKSP VM API: Added base class 'VMNumberArrayExpr' for classes
  'VMIntArrayExpr' and 'VMRealArrayExpr'.

* NKSP VM API: replaced all unitPrefix() (parse time) methods by
  unitFactor() (runtime) methods.

* Built-in function "exit()" supports now returning units and 'final'ness
  exclusively for test cases.

* The following built-in functions support now units as well: "abs()",
  "random()", "inc()", "dec()", "in_range()", "min()", "max()",
  "real_to_int()", "int()", "int_to_real()" and "real()".

* Built-in functions "array_equal()", "search()" and "sort()" support now
  real number arrays (correctly) as well.

* Added individual parse time checks of arguments to be passed to built-in
  functions "random()", "inc()", "dec()", "in_range()", "min()", "max()",
  "array_equal()" and "search()" specific for their individual purposes.

* Test cases: Added massive amount of NKSP test cases for standard
  measuring units and 'final' operator usage cases.

* Test cases: Added NKSP test cases for (floating point tolerance aware)
  real number equalness / unequalness comparison.

* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn8).

1 /*
2 * Copyright (c) 2014 - 2019 Christian Schoenebeck
3 *
4 * http://www.linuxsampler.org
5 *
6 * This file is part of LinuxSampler and released under the same terms.
7 * See README file for details.
8 */
13 #include "../common/InstrumentScriptVMFunctions.h"
15 namespace LinuxSampler { namespace gig {
17 class InstrumentScriptVM;
19 /**
20 * Built-in script function:
21 *
22 * gig_set_dim_zone(event_id, dimension, zone)
23 */
24 class InstrumentScriptVMFunction_gig_set_dim_zone FINAL : public VMEmptyResultFunction {
25 public:
26 InstrumentScriptVMFunction_gig_set_dim_zone(InstrumentScriptVM* parent);
27 vmint minRequiredArgs() const OVERRIDE { return 3; }
28 vmint maxAllowedArgs() const OVERRIDE { return 3; }
29 bool acceptsArgType(vmint iArg, ExprType_t type) const OVERRIDE;
30 ExprType_t argType(vmint iArg) const OVERRIDE { return INT_EXPR; }
31 VMFnResult* exec(VMFnArgs* args) OVERRIDE;
32 protected:
33 InstrumentScriptVM* m_vm;
34 };
36 /**
37 * Built-in script function:
38 *
39 * same_region(key1, key2)
40 */
41 class InstrumentScriptVMFunction_same_region FINAL : public VMIntResultFunction {
42 public:
43 InstrumentScriptVMFunction_same_region(InstrumentScriptVM* parent);
44 StdUnit_t returnUnitType(VMFnArgs* args) OVERRIDE { return VM_NO_UNIT; }
45 bool returnsFinal(VMFnArgs* args) OVERRIDE { return false; }
46 vmint minRequiredArgs() const OVERRIDE { return 2; }
47 vmint maxAllowedArgs() const OVERRIDE { return 2; }
48 bool acceptsArgType(vmint iArg, ExprType_t type) const OVERRIDE { return INT_EXPR; }
49 ExprType_t argType(vmint iArg) const OVERRIDE { return INT_EXPR; }
50 VMFnResult* exec(VMFnArgs* args) OVERRIDE;
51 protected:
52 InstrumentScriptVM* m_vm;
53 };
55 }} // namespace LinuxSampler::gig

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