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138      Stéphane Letz (Mac OSX engine port)<img src="gfx/email/stephane.png"><br>      Stéphane Letz (Mac OSX engine port)<img src="gfx/email/stephane.png"><br>
139      Steve Harris (DSP algorithms)<img src="gfx/email/steve.png"><br>      Steve Harris (DSP algorithms)<img src="gfx/email/steve.png"><br>
140      Vladimir Senkov (engine)<img src="gfx/email/vladimir.png"><br>      Vladimir Senkov (engine)<img src="gfx/email/vladimir.png"><br>
141      Andreas Persson (engine)<img src="gfx/email/andreas.png">      Andreas Persson (engine)<img src="gfx/email/andreas.png"><br>
142        Grigor Iliev (Jsampler, java bindings) ()<img src="gfx/email/grigor.png">
143      </p>      </p>
145      <h2>Other Contributors</h2>      <h2>Other Contributors</h2>
146      <p class="default">      <p class="default">
147      Mark Knecht (testing and feedback)<img src="gfx/email/mark.png"><br>      Mark Knecht (testing and feedback)<img src="gfx/email/mark.png"><br>
     Marek Peteraj (initial website design)<img src="gfx/email/marek.png">  
148      </p>      </p>
150      <p class="default">      <p class="default">

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