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LinuxSampler is a complex piece of code which took several man-years to develop and comes with the full source code. Your subscriptions and donations can dramatically improve the development speed and feature set of LinuxSampler and its subprojects. It comes without any kind of crippling copy protection, there is no company that can go fold. LinuxSampler is here to stay, its clean and extensible architecture allows it to run on virtually any operating system and computer architecture and can easily be ported to any platform appearing in future.

By making a donation or a monthly subscription to the LinuxSampler project, you are contributing to the future of audio sampling, available for free to everyone!

Currently there are two ways to donate:

  • Button "Subscribe":
    Let's you subscribe to a monthly payment of 10 Eur / month. At the moment this is a fix amount. We hope we can soon provide a way on the website to let you choose the amount you want to donate per month. You can unsubscribe from this monthly payment at any time!
  • Button "Donate":
    Allows you to send a single donation of an arbitrary amount of money you choose.

On behalf of the LinuxSampler developer team we'll thank you in advance for your support!