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revision 1130 by schoenebeck, Sat Mar 24 21:13:21 2007 UTC revision 1131 by schoenebeck, Sun Mar 25 19:20:20 2007 UTC
# Line 309  the line of the respective subproject yo Line 309  the line of the respective subproject yo
309        <p class="default"> You can also <a        <p class="default"> You can also <a
310   href="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/">browse the CVS   href="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/">browse the CVS
311  repository</a>. </p>  repository</a>. </p>
312        <h2>Wallpapers</h2>        <h2>Bootsplash theme</h2>
313        <p class="default"> How about a bit eye candy for your desktop?        <p class="default"> Does your computer already boot in LinuxSampler style? No? Checkout the following LinuxSampler theme for either <a href="http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/gensplash/">fbsplash (gensplash)</a> or <a href="http://www.bootsplash.org">bootsplash</a>:</p>
 There's currently only a wallpaper for 1600x1200. Tell us if you like  
 it and maybe we add other resolutions as well. </p>  
314        <table class="default">        <table class="default">
315          <tbody>          <tbody>
316            <tr>            <tr>
317              <td> <a              <td> <a
318   href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/wallpapers/linuxsampler_box_1600x1200.png">   href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/boot.png">
319              <img src="misc/linuxsampler_box_preview.jpg"              <img src="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/boot_preview.jpg"
320   alt="wallpaper preview"> </a> </td>   alt="Screenshot 1"> </a> </td>
321              <td> --&gt; </td>              <td> --&gt; </td>
322              <td> <a              <td> <a
323   href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/wallpapers/linuxsampler_box_1600x1200.png">   href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/boot.png"> Screenshot while booting </a> </td>
324  1600x1200 </a> </td>            </tr>
325              <tr>
326                <td> <a
327     href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/top.png">
328                <img src="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/top_preview.jpg"
329     alt="Screenshot 2"> </a> </td>
330                <td> --&gt; </td>
331                <td> <a
332     href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/screenshots/top.png"> Screenshot of terminal (here running 'top') </a> </td>
333            </tr>            </tr>
334          </tbody>          </tbody>
335        </table>        </table>
336          <p> <a
337     href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/bootsplash/"> You can get this theme here.</a> </p>
338        <br>        <br>
339        </div>        </div>
340        </td>        </td>

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