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There are several subprojects, each having its own license terms, as follows:

gigeditAn instrument editor for gig files (written in C++, based on the gtk(mm) toolkit). -> (pure) GPL
jlscpA java LinuxSampler control protocol API. -> (pure) GPL v2
JSamplerA graphical frontend to LinuxSampler, written in Java. -> (pure) GPL v2
libgigGigasampler file access library (C++), for loading, modifying and creating gig files. -> (pure) GPL
liblscpLinuxSampler Control Protocol (LSCP) wrapper C library. -> (pure) LGPL
LinuxSamplerSampler backend, including sampler engine, audio and MIDI drivers, network layer (LSCP) API and native C++ API. -> GPL with commercial exception*
QSamplerGraphical frontend to LinuxSampler (written in C++, based on the Qt toolkit). -> (pure) GPL

[*] LinuxSampler is licensed under the GNU GPL with the exception that USAGE of the source code, libraries and applications FOR COMMERCIAL HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS IS NOT ALLOWED without prior written permission by the LinuxSampler authors. If you have questions on the subject, that are not yet covered by the FAQ, please contact us.


The following figure illustrates the compile time / linker dependencies.

       QSampler ~~~(optional)~~~> libgig         JSampler
           |                         A              |
           |                         |              |
      (mandatory)               (mandatory)    (mandatory)
           |                         |              |
           V                         |              V
        liblscp                 LinuxSampler      jlscp

Or again in words: you have to compile and install libgig before being able to compile and use LinuxSampler. You don't need libgig for compiling and using QSampler, but it's definitely recommended. You cannot compile nor use QSampler without liblscp though. As QSampler is communicating with LinuxSampler via TCP, there is no linker dependency between them, but of course you still need to have LinuxSampler installed to be able to use QSampler (either locally or on any other computer in your network). JSampler is also communicating with LinuxSampler via TCP, so there is no linker dependency between them either. JSampler requires jlscp though. You have to compile and install libgig before being able to compile and use gigedit.

Binary Packages

We currently provide pre-compiled binaries for the following operating systems:

Operating System Description
Debian Individual Debian (.deb) binary package for each software component, compiled for x86 (Debian stable, a.k.a "Etch").
Gentoo Bleeding edge Gentoo ebuild for each software component, which can be used to conveniently emerge the latest versions directly from CVS.
Suse Individual RPM package for each software component, compiled for i586.
Windows Self-extracting all-in-one installer for the latest official releases of all software components for Windows. Download, execute, enjoy!
Mac All-in-one installer (Diskimage) for the latest official releases of the software components for Mac OS X. (Note: the Mac installer does not include gigedit and JSampler yet!)

Additionally there are the following platform independent Java executable packages (note: you need to have the Java Runtime Environment 6 installed to be able to execute these software packages on your computer):

File Name Description
Fantasia-0.8a-cvs6.jar JSampler "Fantasia", a frontend to LinuxSampler, modern skin-based distribution of JSampler (note: "Fantasia" is already included with the Windows installer)
JS_Classic-0.8a-cvs4.jar JSampler "Classic", a frontend to LinuxSampler, classic distribution of JSampler

Source Packages

Source code packages of the latest official releases:

File Name Description
libgig-3.3.0.tar.bz2 Gigasampler file access library (C++)
liblscp-0.5.6.tar.gz LinuxSampler Control Protocol (LSCP) wrapper library
linuxsampler-1.0.0.tar.bz2 sampler engine / backend
qsampler-0.2.2.tar.gz graphical frontend to LinuxSampler
jlscp-0.7a.tar.bz2 a java LinuxSampler control protocol API
JSampler-0.8a-cvs6.tar.bz2 a java frontend to LinuxSampler
gigedit-0.2.0.tar.gz an instrument editor for gig files


This project's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key. There are currently seven subprojects in the LinuxSampler project, pick the line of the respective subproject you want to checkout from below:

cvs -z3 \
  co libgig
cvs -z3 \
  co liblscp
cvs -z3 \
  co linuxsampler
cvs -z3 \ co qsampler cvs -z3 \ co jlscp cvs -z3 \ co jsampler cvs -z3 \ co gigedit

You don't need to checkout the sources again later on, just for keeping track to the latest development version. For updating to the latest CVS version you can simply run the following command at any time from the checked out source directory:

cvs update -d -P

You can also browse the CVS repository.

Bootsplash theme

Does your computer already boot in LinuxSampler style? No? Checkout the following LinuxSampler theme for either fbsplash (gensplash) or bootsplash:

Screenshot 1 --> Screenshot while booting
Screenshot 2 --> Screenshot of terminal (here running 'top')

You can get this theme here.