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LS Development Roadmap

The following list shows the planned work to be done until the next release of LinuxSampler. There will be no new release before all of them are completed.

  1. strong synthesis optimizations
  2. instrument database system
Done Done Partly implemented Partly implemented Not started yet No work started yet


The following list shows which features have already been implemented in current CVS version of LinuxSampler and what is planned to be done in (hopefully) near future. If you are missing something that is not already listed below, you can write a proposol to the developers mailing list or even better send us your patch if you have done something. Even if features are listed to be planned below, it can be that it takes a while until somebody finds the time to implement it. So if you have the time and will to finish one of them, let us know!

  1. Operating Systems
    1. Linux
    2. Mac OS X
  2. Sampler Engines
    1. Gigasampler Engine
      1. Gig file loader
        1. Gig v2 format
        2. Gig v3 format
          1. large file support (64 bit file offsets are currently truncated to 32 bit)
          2. 24 bit samples (currently truncated to 16 bit), uncompressed as well as compressed
          3. support for multi-file format (.gig, .gx01, .gx02, ...)
          4. support for Dimension Splits not equal to two
          5. up to 8 Dimensions or 256 Dimension Regions
      2. Generic playback (RAM & disk streaming)
      3. Dimension switching
        1. Sample Channel
        2. Layer
        3. Velocity
        4. Channel Aftertouch
        5. Release Trigger
        6. Keyboard Position
        7. Round Robin
        8. Random
        9. Modulation Wheel
        10. Breath Ctrl.
        11. Foot Ctrl.
        12. Portamento Time Ctrl.
        13. Effect 1 & 2 Ctrl.
        14. Effect 1 - 5 Depth Ctrl.
        15. General Purpose Ctrl. 1 - 8
        16. Sustain Pedal
        17. Portamento
        18. Sostenuto Pedal
        19. Soft Pedal
      4. Sustain pedal interpretation
      5. Sostenuto pedal interpretation
      6. Key velocity <-> volume mapping
      7. Looping
      8. Pitchbend wheel support
      9. Bidirectional voice state transition
      10. Filter (VCF)
        1. Highpass
        2. Bandpass
        3. Bandreject
        4. Lowpass
        5. Turbo lowpass
        6. Cutoff frequency controllable by MIDI controller
        7. Resonance controllable by MIDI controller
      11. VCA Envelope Generator (Volume)
      12. VCF Envelope Generator (Filter)
      13. VCO Envelope Generator (Pitch)
      14. VCA Low Frequency Oscillator (Volume)
      15. VCF Low Frequency Oscillator (Filter Cutoff)
      16. VCO Low Frequency Oscillator (Pitch)
      17. Layers
      18. Crossfades
      19. Key Groups (a.k.a Exclusive Groups)
      20. Release Triggered Voices
      21. Key Switching
      22. Voice Stealing
      23. Portamento Mode and Solo Mode (a.k.a 'Mono Mode', can be altered via standard GM messages, that is CC5 for altering portamento time, CC65 for enabling / disabling portamento mode, CC126 for enabling solo mode and CC127 for disabling solo mode)
    2. DLS Engine
      1. DLS file loader (DLS version 1 & 2)
      2. Generic playback
    3. Akai Engine
      1. Akai file loader (S1000, S3000 series)
      2. Generic playback
    4. Custom, modular Engine
  3. Control interfaces
    1. Custom network interface for frontends (LSCP)
    2. OSC
  4. MIDI input drivers
    1. ALSA
    2. VSTi
    3. MIDI over ethernet (Distributed MIDI)
    4. CoreMIDI (Mac OS X)
    5. MidiShare (Linux, OS X, Windows)
  5. Audio output drivers
    1. ALSA
    2. JACK
    3. aRts (not RT safe!)
    4. VSTi
    5. Audio over ethernet
    6. CoreAudio (Mac OS X)
  6. Time stamp event system & jitter correction
  7. Multi channel & multi engine support
  8. Pitch shifter / Interpolation
    1. Linear interpolation
    2. Cubic interpolation
    3. Formant frequency correction / formant manipulation
  9. Dynamic engine recompilation
  10. Extensive SMP (multi processor) support
  11. Network cluster support
  12. (Graphical) frontends
    1. Qt based frontend (QSampler)
    2. VSTi frontend (based on the Qt frontend)

Done Done Partly implemented Partly implemented Planned Planned

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