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1  <?xml version='1.0' ?>  <?xml version='1.0' ?>
2  <news>  <news>
3      <entry date="2015-04-29">
4        A new documentation site has been launched:
5        <link ref="http://doc.linuxsampler.org">http://doc.linuxsampler.org</link> -
6        This separate page dedicated to manuals, tutorials and other kind of
7        articles for the LinuxSampler project, is using a new solution to write
8        and maintain such articles with a minimum of effort. Be invited to help us
9        <link ref="http://doc.linuxsampler.org/Writing_Docs/">writing documentation</link>
10        for LinuxSampler and friends! As one of the first topics, this site is now
11        hosting an introduction to the new
12        <link ref="http://doc.linuxsampler.org/Instrument_Scripts/NKSP_Language/">NKSP Real-Time Instrument Script Language</link>.
13        The long-term plan is to move all documentation of this project from our www
14        server to that new site.
15      </entry>
16    <entry date="2015-01-18">    <entry date="2015-01-18">
17      <link ref="http://download.linuxsampler.org/pix/screenshots/mac_installer_1.jpg" img="http://download.linuxsampler.org/pix/screenshots/mac_installer_1_240x169.jpg"></link>      <link ref="http://download.linuxsampler.org/pix/screenshots/mac_installer_1.jpg" img="http://download.linuxsampler.org/pix/screenshots/mac_installer_1_240x169.jpg"></link>
18      For the Mac users out there: We finally have a convenient installer for the      For the Mac users out there: We finally have a convenient installer for the

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