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1 schoenebeck 2732 <html>
2     <head>
3     <title>Gigedit</title>
4     <meta name="description" content="An instrument editor for the GigaStudio file format.">
5     </head>
6     <body>
7     <p>
8 schoenebeck 2734 <img src="gigedit_shot.png" style="width:50%; max-width:580px;">
9 schoenebeck 2732 Gigedit is a graphical instrument editor for
10     <i title="A digital audio recording of some sonic source.">sample</i>
11     based virtual instruments, based on the GigaStudio/Gigasampler file format.
12     The GigaStudio/Gigasampler (.gig) file format is one of the major sampler
13     formats supported by LinuxSampler and hence you can use Gigedit both
14     as stand-alone instrument editor, or in conjunction with LinuxSampler for
15     editing such instruments "live" while playing them with the sampler.
16     </p>
17     <note>
18     This documentation is currently in a transition phase. The old Gigedit
19     manual will move to this location, however this process has not been
20     completed yet. You may want to refer to the
21     <a href="http://www.linuxsampler.org/documentation.html">old Gigedit manual</a>
22     in the meantime.
23     </note>
24     <p>
25     So far, the only topic covered by this new manual is
26     <a href="gigedit_scripts.html">managing real-time instrument scripts</a>
27     with Gigedit.
28     </p>
29     </body>
30     </html>

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