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# Line 53  by_marks(??group-id??) Line 53  by_marks(??group-id??)
53      <p>None.</p>      <p>None.</p>
55      <h3>Examples</h3>      <h3>Examples</h3>
56        <p>
57          The following example implements two "exclusive" keyboard zones with a
58          split point at key <code>36</code>. The script enforces that only
59          notes of either one of the two keyboard zones may play at the same time.
60          So for example if you start playing notes left of the split point, all
61          sounds play as usual. Now however, as soon as you hit a note on the
62          right side of the split point, it will cause all notes left of the split
63          point to be released immediately.
64        </p>
65      <code>      <code>
66  on note  on note
67    if ($EVENT_NOTE < 36)    if ($EVENT_NOTE < 36)

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