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20        event processing chain and thus the note's note number can no longer be        event processing chain and thus the note's note number can no longer be
21        changed.        changed.
22      </p>      </p>
23        <p>
24          Note that the new note number set by this function only affects the
25          resulting new voices, it does not modify the actual MIDI event.
26          That means the new voices behave as if the MIDI event itself was
27          modified, that is for the new voices the instrument's region,
28          synthesis parameter case and sample is selected based upon the
29          new note number.
30        </p>
31        <p>
32          However outside the scope of new voices the old MIDI note number is
33          retained. That means for example the newly triggered voices will only
34          be released later on if a MIDI note-off event was received equal to
35          the old MIDI note number (not the new note number), and also other
36          MIDI processing tasks of the sampler like
37          <i title="A set of regions where always only one of them is played at a time and thus a newly triggered region automatically releases the previous region (of the same exclusive group).">
38            exclusive groups
39          </i> (a.k.a. key groups), key based round robin and all other common
40          MIDI processing tasks are not affected by this function at all.
41        </p>
43      <h3>Function Prototype</h3>      <h3>Function Prototype</h3>
44      <p/>      <p/>

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