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revision 3603 by schoenebeck, Mon Sep 16 16:03:36 2019 UTC revision 3604 by schoenebeck, Tue Sep 17 17:37:51 2019 UTC
# Line 89  change_tune(??note??, ??tuning??, [??rel Line 89  change_tune(??note??, ??tuning??, [??rel
90      <h3>Remarks</h3>      <h3>Remarks</h3>
91      <p>      <p>
92        This functions optionally accepts <code>c</code> as standard unit and        This functions optionally accepts <code>c</code> for "Cents" as standard unit and
93        finalness for its argument <code>??tuning??</code>.        finalness for its argument <code>??tuning??</code>.
94      </p>      </p>

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