This function can be used to override the shape of the internal curve type used for volume changes upon calls to change_vol(). That fade curve type is not set globally, but rather on a per-note level. By default, that is if you did not call this function, then $NKSP_EASE_IN_EASE_OUT will be used as curve type.

Function Prototype

change_vol_curve(??note??, ??curve-type??)


Argument Name Data Type Description
??note?? Note ID Number or Note ID Array All voices of this note will be modified.
??curve-type?? Integer Number The curve type to be set, which must be one of the following values:
$NKSP_LINEAR: Fade with constant speed throughout entire fade duration.
$NKSP_EASE_IN_EASE_OUT: Accelerate fade speed at the beginning of the fade, slow down towards the end of the fade.

Return Value



None yet.

See also

change_vol(), change_vol_time()


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn54.

This function exists only with NKSP, it is not available with KSP.