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Tue Apr 19 16:09:52 2016 UTC (6 years, 7 months ago) by schoenebeck
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* NKSP: updated reference documentation for development changes
  regarding play_note(), ignore_event() and ignore_controller()

1 schoenebeck 2732 <html>
2     <head>
3     <meta name="author" content="Christian Schoenebeck">
4     <title>ignore_event() function</title>
5     <meta name="description" content="Drops the given event.">
6     </head>
7     <body>
8     <h1>ignore_event()</h1>
9     <p>
10     Drops the given event and thus prevents the supplied event to be further
11     processed by the sampler. You can use this function i.e. to filter out
12     MIDI note on and MIDI note off events, before they are causing new notes
13 schoenebeck 2881 to be triggered, or to drop certain MIDI control change events before
14     they can cause any sound to be changed.
15 schoenebeck 2732 </p>
16     <p>
17 schoenebeck 2881 Dropping events with this function only succeeds if the event just
18     "recently" occurred. That effectively means you should drop the event in
19     the respective event handler before any <code>wait() calls, and before
20     entering any loops that may execute your script for a very long time.
21     Because in both cases the sampler may suspend your script for a certain
22     amount of time and once your script got resumed, the respective event may
23     already have entered the sampler's regular event processing chain and
24     thus can no longer be dropped.
25 schoenebeck 2732 </p>
26 schoenebeck 2881 <p>
27     There is also an <code lang="nksp">ignore_controller()</code> function,
28     intended for explicitly dropping control change events. With NKSP you
29     you can also use <code>ignore_event()</code> though to
30     drop control change events. So <code>ignore_controller()</code>
31     merely exists due to compatibility reasons with KSP.
32     </p>
33 schoenebeck 2732
34     <h3>Function Prototype</h3>
35     <p/>
36     <code>
37     ignore_event(??event-id??)
38     </code>
40     <h3>Arguments</h3>
41     <table>
42     <tr>
43     <th>Argument Name</th> <th>Data Type</th> <th>Description</th>
44     </tr>
45     <tr>
46     <td><code>??event-id??</code></td>
47     <td>Event ID Number or Event ID Array</td>
48     <td>MIDI event(s) to be dropped.<br>
49     [required]</td>
50     </tr>
51     </table>
53     <h3>Return Value</h3>
54     <p>None.</p>
56     <h3>Examples</h3>
57     <p>None yet.<p>
59     <note>
60     Passing an array of event IDs is only supported by NKSP. If you want
61     to keep compatibility to KSP, then you should only pass a single
62     event ID to this function.
63     </note>
65     </body>
66     </html>

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