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Thu May 25 15:08:50 2017 UTC (4 years, 2 months ago) by schoenebeck
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* NKSP: Added functions change_note() and change_velo().

1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <meta name="author" content="Christian Schoenebeck">
4 <title>set_event_par() function</title>
5 <meta name="description" content="Change the value of a specific note parameter.">
6 </head>
7 <body>
8 <h1>set_event_par()</h1>
9 <p>
10 This function can be used to change the current value of a certain
11 parameter of the requested note. If the passed note ID is invalid
12 or if the requested note is no longer alive, then this function does
13 nothing.
14 </p>
15 <p>
16 You might use function <code>get_event_par()</code> to retrieve the
17 current value of those parameters.
18 </p>
20 <h3>Function Prototype</h3>
21 <p/>
22 <code lang="nksp">
23 set_event_par(??note??, ??parameter??, ??value??)
24 </code>
26 <h3>Arguments</h3>
27 <table>
28 <tr>
29 <th>Argument&nbsp;Name</th> <th>Data&nbsp;Type</th> <th>Description</th>
30 </tr>
31 <tr>
32 <td><code>??note??</code></td>
33 <td>Note ID Number or Note ID Array</td>
34 <td>The note whose current parameter shall be changed.<br>
35 [required]</td>
36 </tr>
37 <tr>
38 <td><code>??parameter??</code></td>
39 <td>Integer Number</td>
40 <td>The actual parameter whose value should be modified. This must be one of the following built-in constants:<br>
41 <code>$EVENT_PAR_NOTE</code>: Change the note's MIDI note number (only possible when note is new; equivalent to <code>change_note()</code>).<br>
42 <code>$EVENT_PAR_TUNE</code>: Change the note's tuning in milli cents (currently ignored, use <code>change_tune()</code> instead).<br>
43 <code>$EVENT_PAR_VELOCITY</code>: Change the note's MIDI note velocity (only possible when note is new; equivalent to <code>change_velo()</code>).<br>
44 <code>$EVENT_PAR_VOLUME</code>: Change the note's volume (currently ignored, use <code>change_vol()</code> instead).<br>
45 <code>$EVENT_PAR_0</code> to <code>$EVENT_PAR_3</code>: To change the current value of one of the 4
46 available user specific parameters. Those user parameters are not used by the sampler itself, they can be
47 used by the script author to pass data from one script (slot) to another script (slot) for example, or
48 as an alternative to <a href="nksp.html#polyphonic_variables">polyphonic variables</a>.<br>
49 [required]</td>
50 </tr>
51 <tr>
52 <td><code>??value??</code></td>
53 <td>Integer Number</td>
54 <td>The new value to set for the selected <code>??parameter??</code>.
55 The precise value range and meaning differs and depends on the
56 respective parameter (see description of argument <code>??parameter??</code> above).<br>
57 [required]</td>
58 </tr>
59 </table>
61 <h3>Return Value</h3>
62 <p>None.</p>
64 <h3>Examples</h3>
65 <p>None yet.<p>
67 <h3>See also</h3>
68 <p><code>get_event_par()</code>, <code>change_vol()</code>, <code>change_tune()</code>,
69 <code>change_note()</code>, <code>change_velo()</code><p>
71 <h3>Availability</h3>
72 <p>Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn46.<p>
74 </body>
75 </html>

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