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7    <body>    <body>
8      <h1>wait()</h1>      <h1>wait()</h1>
9      <p>      <p>
10        Suspends / pauses the current event handler instance for the requested        Suspends / pauses execution of the current event handler instance for the requested
11        amount of microseconds.        amount of microseconds. The paused event handler instance can also be resumed before
12          the requested amount times elapsed by calling <code>stop_wait()</code> from another
13          event handler instance.
14      </p>      </p>
15            <note>
16          If the even handler instance's built-in variable <code>$NKSP_IGNORE_WAIT</code>
17          reflects <code>1</code> then all calls to <code>wait()</code> will be ignored.
18          This might for example be the case when <code>stop_wait()</code> with
19          <code>1</code> being passed to the 2nd argument of that function.
20        </note>
22      <h3>Function Prototype</h3>      <h3>Function Prototype</h3>
23      <p/>      <p/>
24      <code lang="nksp">      <code lang="nksp">

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