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100        to use <a href="nksp.html#polyphonic_variables">polyphonic variables</a>        to use <a href="nksp.html#polyphonic_variables">polyphonic variables</a>
101        in such cases.        in such cases.
102      </note>      </note>
       You need at least LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn2 or higher for the  
       <code>wait()</code> function to fully work as expected. Versions  
       of LinuxSampler older than that will not resume the script at the  
       requested amount of time, instead those older version will resume  
       the script always at the beginning of the next audio fragment  
       cycle. So effectively a <code>wait()</code> call with a LinuxSampler  
       version older than 2.0.0.svn2 will pause your script for a few  
       miliseconds, no matter which function argument you provided.  
104      <h3>See also</h3>      <h3>See also</h3>
105      <p><code>stop_wait()</code><p>      <p><code>stop_wait()</code><p>

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