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15        sampler file formats you can open and modify such .sfz files simply with        sampler file formats you can open and modify such .sfz files simply with
16        any text editor.        any text editor.
17      </p>      </p>
18        <note>
19          This SFZ documentation is yet under construction. In the meantime you may want to
20          have a look at the old and currently still separate list of <a href="http://linuxsampler.org/sfz/">opcodes supported by LinuxSampler</a>.
21          You want to help filling up the missing information about the SFZ file format on this site? Great!
22          Check out the <a href="http://svn.linuxsampler.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/doc/docbase/sfz/">source files of this SFZ documentation</a>
23          on our Subversion server and <a href="http://linuxsampler.org/developers.html">get in touch with us</a>!
24          There is also a short guide for getting started on <a href="../writing_docs/01_writing_docs.html">writing articles for this site</a>.
25        </note>
27      <h2>Sections</h2>      <h2>Sections</h2>
28      <p>      <p>

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