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Tue May 13 12:17:43 2014 UTC (8 years, 6 months ago) by schoenebeck
File size: 270 byte(s)
* Combine instruments: a new feature that allows to merge a selection of
  instruments to one new single instrument. It uses the 'layer' dimension
  to stack up the instruments. This feature is available from the main menu
  under 'Tools' -> 'Combine Instruments'.

1 src/gigedit/CombineInstrumentsDialog.cpp
2 src/gigedit/mainwindow.cpp
3 src/gigedit/dimregionedit.cpp
4 src/gigedit/regionchooser.cpp
5 src/gigedit/dimensionmanager.cpp
6 src/gigedit/dimregionchooser.cpp
7 src/gigedit/gigedit.cpp
8 src/gigedit/paramedit.cpp
9 src/gigedit/midirules.cpp

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