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revision 1964 by capela, Mon Jan 15 11:08:28 2007 UTC revision 1965 by capela, Sat Aug 1 16:52:37 2009 UTC
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1  #commands used to package liblscp  #commands used to package liblscp
4  cd ~/debian/debRelease/ls/liblscp  cd ~/debian/debRelease/ls/liblscp
5  rm -rf liblscp*  rm -rf liblscp*
6  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.linuxsampler.org:/var/cvs/linuxsampler co liblscp  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.linuxsampler.org:/var/cvs/linuxsampler co liblscp

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