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Fri Nov 24 17:43:09 2006 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by schoenebeck
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* preparations for release 0.4.0

1 Version 0.4.0 (24 November 2006)
3 Finally a new release after a long development cycle. The sampler now has
4 a completely revised synthesis core. Note that due to this, most of the
5 assembly code became incompatible and is thus deactivated at compile
6 time. So don't bother trying to activate the assembly option, it won't
7 compile! That's not an issue though, because even without assembly, the
8 new synthesis core is faster than the old one with assembly. The
9 Gigasampler engine now has real support for 24 bit samples, that is they
10 won't be truncated anymore, and finally supports all filter types of the
11 Gigasampler format. A lot of effort has been put into making all filters
12 under all parameters being as accurate as possible, compared to the
13 original Gigasampler ones. Analogue to hardware mixers, sampler channels
14 can now be muted and solo-ed and there is support for GM portamento and
15 GM mono mode (single note per channel) as well as support for sostenuto
16 pedal. Beside LSCP, third-party applications can now also link against
17 liblinuxsampler directly (using the sampler's C++ API). Beside these,
18 there have been of course a huge bunch of fixes and quality improvements.
20 Version 0.3.3 (15 July 2005)
22 Another bug fix release. It solves one usability issue regarding small
23 fragments / high sampling rates of audio drivers, fixes some compile time
24 errors with GCC 4.0 and fixes a minor efficiency bug.
26 Version 0.3.2 (24 June 2005)
28 This is more or less just a bug fix release. Beside a bunch of little
29 fixes it solves a serious crash in conjunction with voice stealing and
30 slightly improves Gigasampler format playback accuracy.

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