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1 What is CMake?
2 ==============
4 CMake is a cross platform build system, that can be used to replace the old
5 auto-tools, providing a nice building environment and advanced features.
7 Some of these features are:
8 * Out of sources build: CMake allows you to build your software into a directory
9 different to the source tree. You can safely delete the build directory and
10 all its contents once you are done.
11 * Multiple generators: classic makefiles can be generated for Unix and MinGW,
12 but also Visual Studio, XCode and Eclipse CDT projects among other types.
13 * Graphic front-ends for configuration and build options.
15 More information and documentation is available at the CMake project site:
16 http://www.cmake.org
18 CMake is free software. You can get the sources and pre-compiled packages for
19 Linux and other systems at:
20 http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html
22 How to use it?
23 ==============
25 1. You need CMake 3.1 or newer to build Qsampler
27 2. Unpack the Qsampler sources somewhere, or checkout the repository,
28 and create a build directory. For instance, using a command line shell:
30 $ tar -xvzf Downloads/qsampler-x.y.z.tar.gz
31 $ cd qsampler-x.y.z
32 $ mkdir build
34 2. Execute CMake from the build directory, providing the source directory
35 location and optionally, the build options. There are several ways.
37 * From a command line shell:
39 $ pwd
40 qsampler-x.y.z
41 $ cd build
42 $ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug ..
44 3. Execute the build command. If you used the Makefiles generator (the default
45 in Linux and other Unix systems) then execute make, gmake, or mingw32-make.
46 If you generated a project file, use your IDE to build it.
48 Compiling with make
49 ===================
51 There are many targets available. To see a complete list of them, type:
53 $ make help
55 The build process usually hides the compiler command lines, to show them:
57 $ make VERBOSE=1
59 There is a "clean" target, but not a "distclean" one. You should use a build
60 directory different to the source tree. In this case, the "distclean" target
61 would be equivalent to simply removing the build directory.
63 If something fails
64 ==================
66 If there is an error message while executing CMake, this probably means that a
67 required package is missing in your system. You should install the missing
68 component and run CMake again.
70 If there is an error executing the build process, after running a flawless CMake
71 configuration process, this means that there may be an error in the source code,
72 or in the build system, or something incompatible in 3rd party libraries.
74 The CMake build system for Qsampler is experimental. It will take a while
75 until it becomes stable and fully tested. You can help providing feedback,
76 please send a report containing your problems to the Qsampler development
77 mailing list, https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/qsampler-devel

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