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# Line 200  src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pag Line 200  src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pag
201      <h2>Developers</h2>      <h2>Developers</h2>
202      <p class="default">      <p class="default">
203          Please notice that your questions are usually a lot quicker answered      Please do <b>NOT</b> send us any user questions to one of us directly!
204          via our forum or mailing list (see above), than by addressing your      We have a) a web forum and b) a mailing list which you can use for any
205          emails directly to one of us directly!<br>      kind of user questions (see above). Sorry, but since people began to send more questions
206        to us directly than using those platforms, we are now very strict and will simply
207        ignore any kind of user question sent to our personal email addresses.
208        The deal is: you ask questions on those platforms (web forum or mailing list), and in turn you
209        answer questions of other users later on.<br>
210          <br>          <br>
211      <a name="Senoner"></a>      <a name="Senoner"></a>
212      Benno Senoner (project founder, engine, MS Windows port)<img src="gfx/email/benno.png"><br>      Benno Senoner (project founder, engine, MS Windows port)<img src="gfx/email/benno.png"><br>

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