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# Line 299  src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.co Line 299  src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.co
299                              </table>                              </table>
300                          </div>                          </div>
302                <div class="groupbox">
303                    <table class="pure">
304                     <tr>
305                       <td colspan=2>
306                       <a href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/instruments/vintage/TaijiguyGigaTron.tar.bz2">Mellotron (one of the M400 Violins sounds, Mk II Violins, Cello, Flute, Woodwind,
307    Combined Choir)</a> (299 MB)<br>
308                       <br>
309                       Copyright (C) 2011 Bernie Kornowicz (aka taijiguy), packaged by Quirq</td>
310                     </tr>
311                     <tr>
312                       <td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td>
313                     </tr>
314                     <tr>
315                       <td>Genre:</td><td>Vintage, Mellotron</td>
316                     </tr>
317                     <tr>
318                       <td>Format:</td><td>gig</td>
319                     </tr>
320                     <tr>
321                       <td>License:</td><td>"free as in beer" (but not as in speech)</td>
322                     </tr>
323                     <tr>
324                       <td>Demo:</td><td>
325                           <a href="http://download.linuxsampler.org/instruments/vintage/TaijiguyGigaTron_demo.ogg">Prelisten</a>
326                       </td>
327                     </tr>
328                     <tr>
329                       <td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td>
330                     </tr>
331                     <tr>
332                       <td colspan=2>
333                         The demo plays through each of the sounds in turn: "M400 Violins",
334                         "M400 Violins Yes EQ", "M400 Violins Smooth Ryder EQ", Cello,
335                         followed by demonstration of the five double-bass notes on the
336                         Cello sound, String Section, Mk II Strings, M300A (violins),
337                         M300B (solo violin), Mk II Brass, GC3 Brass, Mk II Flute,
338                         Woodwind2, Combined Choir. There then follows a demonstration of the
339                         low-pass filter, which is swept using the modwheel, using the
340                         "M400 Violins" sound. Notice the tapes running out: the Mellotron's
341                         seven or eight second note length is preserved as the samples are not
342                         looped. The filter is manipulated again briefly to find a nice setting,
343                         before playing a pad part using the "M400 Violins". The final part of
344                         the demo uses a short motif played with the filter fully open again,
345                         first on the "M400 Violins", then String Orchestra, M300A (violins),
346                         M300B (solo violin), Mk II Brass, GC3 Brass, Flute, Woodwind2 and
347                         finally Combined Choir. No processing of any kind was used, except
348                         Linuxsampler's in-built low-pass filter, where noted above.
349                       </td>
350                     </tr>
351                    </table>
352                </div>
354                          <h2>External Sources</h2>                          <h2>External Sources</h2>
356                          <p class="default">                          <p class="default">

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