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Tue Aug 7 19:56:17 2007 UTC (16 years, 8 months ago) by schoenebeck
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- news for the website are now maintained in a separate file called
  news.xml and the front page automatically includes only the
  youngest 3 entries (older news entries can be seen on a separate
  history page)

1 schoenebeck 1268 <?xml version='1.0' ?>
2     <news>
3     <entry date="2007-05-24">
4     <link ref="http://downloads.sourceforge.net/jsampler/JSampler-0.5a.tar.bz2">
5     JSampler 0.5a</link> has been released, now with instruments database
6     support.
7     </entry>
8     <entry date="2007-05-04">
9     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">Qsampler</link> 0.1.4 has been
10     released. Almost another year has gone by.
11     </entry>
12     <entry date="2007-04-02">
13     JSampler 0.4a has been released. Read the
14     <link ref="jsampler/manual/html/jsampler.html">manual</link> for
15     installation instructions.
16     </entry>
17     <entry date="2007-03-24">
18     gigedit 0.0.3 has been released, a graphical instrument editor allowing
19     to edit existing Gigasampler format files as well as creating new ones
20     completely from scratch. Along comes a new release of libgig (3.1.1).
21     </entry>
22     <entry date="2006-11-24">
23     After a long, long development cycle LinuxSampler 0.4.0 has finally been
24     released.
25     </entry>
26     <entry date="2006-11-24">
27     libgig 3.1.0 has been released.
28     </entry>
29     <entry date="2006-08-07">
30     <link ref="http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jsampler/JSampler-0.3a.tar.bz2?download">
31     JSampler 0.3a</link> has been released.
32     <list>
33     <li>
34     Partially implemented a new view - Fantasia (graphic desing: Olivier
35     Boyer). Only channel manipulation for now.
36     </li>
37     <li>
38     More new features in JS Classic - Implemented an LS Console with
39     command autocompletion (using the Tab key), command history (using Up,
40     Down keys), command history search (Ctrl + R), command list search
41     (Ctrl + F), and more.
42     </li>
43     <li>
44     Implemented Orchestras (something like Bookmarks/Favorites for
45     instruments). Drag &amp; Drop support for instrument loading, adding an
46     instrument to orchestra and autocompleting an instrument loading
47     command in the LS Console.
48     </li>
49     </list>
50     </entry>
51     <entry date="2006-06-02">
52     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">Qsampler</link> 0.1.3 is now
53     available. It's been a long time isn't it?
54     </entry>
55     <entry date="2006-04-28">
56     libgig 3.0.0 has been released.
57     </entry>
58     <entry date="2006-03-16">
59     <link ref="http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jsampler/JS_Classic-0.2a.jar?download">
60     JS Classic 0.2a</link> has been released.
61     </entry>
62     <entry date="2005-12-22">
63     Major services (CVS, downloads, Bug Tracking System) were down in the last
64     days due to a hardware defect on one of our servers. CVS is finally up
65     again and we are working on restoring all other services in the next days
66     as well. We are also establishing further backup facilities to prevent this
67     happening again. Sorry for any inconvenience!
68     </entry>
69     <entry date="2005-11-24">
70     Latest <link ref="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org">CVS version</link>
71     of <link ref="http://stud.fh-heilbronn.de/~cschoene/projects/libgig/">
72     libgig</link> now allows to create and modify Gigasampler files
73     (<link ref="http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=9051147&amp;forum_id=12792">
74     read announcement</link>). Please let
75     <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/developers.html">us</link>
76     know if you are interested in writing an instrument patch editor.
77     </entry>
78     <entry date="2005-10-10">
79     <link ref="http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jsampler/js-classic.jar?download">
80     JS Classic 0.1a</link> has been released (the first distribution of the
81     <link ref="https://sourceforge.net/projects/jsampler/">JSampler</link>
82     project).
83     </entry>
84     <entry date="2005-08-16">
85     Due to ongoing synthesis optimizations, CVS version of LS might be broken
86     for a while. Please use the tarball release in the meantime.
87     </entry>
88     <entry date="2005-07-15">
89     LinuxSampler 0.3.3 has been released. Once again a bug fix release.
90     </entry>
91     <entry date="2005-06-24">
92     LinuxSampler 0.3.2 has been released. This is more or less just a bug fix
93     release. Just by coincidence, <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">
94     QSampler</link> 0.1.2 has also been thrown out.
95     </entry>
96     <entry date="2005-06-12">
97     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">QSampler</link> 0.1.1 has been
98     released, after a few bugfixes and a new logo icon.
99     </entry>
100     <entry date="2005-05-25">
101     LinuxSampler 0.3.1, the first official release is finally out!
102     </entry>
103     <entry date="2005-05-23">
104     After some time laying around in the backyard,
105     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">QSampler</link> 0.1.0 has
106     been released, now with the promised Audio and MIDI device configuration
107     interface. Enjoy!
108     </entry>
109     <entry date="2005-03-15">
110     Our bug tracking system is now online and available on
111     <link ref="http://bugs.linuxsampler.org">bugs.linuxsampler.org</link>.
112     </entry>
113     <entry date="2005-03-04">
114     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">QSampler</link>,
115     the Qt GUI front-end in the works for the LinuxSampler engine, was bumped
116     to its now fifth primordial release (0.0.5). Still alpha code. Time to move
117     on... to a better and complete Audio/MIDI device configuration interface,
118     as predicted by LSCP and wrapped by liblscp.
119     </entry>
120     <entry date="2005-02-26">
121     Due to a design change, current LinuxSampler CVS version is quite unstable.
122     You might want to use the previous, stable version of LS in the meantime,
123     which can be downloaded as
124     <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/downloads.html">source tarball
125     </link>. Alternatively you can also checkout the old version from CVS which
126     was tagged as "v0_2_0".
127     </entry>
128     <entry date="2004-11-19">
129     The Qt GUI front-end for the LinuxSampler engine has been updated: the 4th
130     alpha-release of
131     <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">QSampler</link> has been
132     released.
133     </entry>
134     <entry date="2004-11-13">
135     On monday (November, 15th) <link ref="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org">
136     cvs.linuxsampler.org</link> may be temporarily down due to maintenance work
137     around 13:00 UTC.
138     </entry>
139     <entry date="2004-07-06">
140     The third alpha-release of <link ref="http://qsampler.sourceforge.net">
141     QSampler</link>, the Qt GUI front-end for the LinuxSampler engine, is now
142     publicly available.
143     </entry>
144     <entry date="2004-06-05">
145     Added a screenshot to the Screenshots page, instructions how to compile the
146     GUI are on the linked qsampler site.
147     </entry>
148     <entry date="2004-05-31">
149     On wednesday (June, 2nd) <link ref="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org">
150     cvs.linuxsampler.org</link> will be temporarily not available from 6:00 UTC
151     until 16:00 UTC due to construction works.
152     </entry>
153     <entry date="2004-05-24">
154     The CVS repository is now <link ref="http://cvs.linuxsampler.org">
155     browseable</link>.
156     </entry>
157     <entry date="2004-05-03">
158     We are currently in a transition stage due to the recent changes (multi
159     channel / multi engine / multi audio output device and multi MIDI input
160     device support) this also leads to multi problems we have to solve ;-) so
161     meanwhile you can use the old single channel version. We created the two
162     CVS alias tags 'singlechannel' and 'v0_1_0' which you can use to checkout
163     the old single channel version of LinuxSampler. The CVS command line is the
164     same except that you have to add '-r singlechannel'.
165     </entry>
166     <entry date="2004-03-26">
167     CVS root path has changed! See <link ref="downloads.html">downloads</link>
168     section for instructions how to checkout the latest version of LinuxSampler
169     from CVS.
170     </entry>
171     <entry date="2004-03-23">
172     Updated <link ref="features.html">features</link> section on this site,
173     hopefully we will keep the features list in sync with the latest
174     developments from now on.
175     </entry>
176     <entry date="2004-01-07">
177     The document for the network protocol definition is now available in the
178     <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/downloads.html">downloads</link>
179     section. Have a look at it if you can imagine to write a frontend for
180     LinuxSampler!
181     </entry>
182     <entry date="2003-11-08">
183     Added CVS log to this site, showing the latest commits to the LinuxSampler
184     CVS repository.
185     </entry>
186     <entry date="2003-11-02">
187     Lots of news for the Linuxsampler community. We've got a new site, new
188     domain and new code available in CVS. Check the
189     <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/downloads.html">downloads</link>
190     section for instructions. If you want to check it out, please keep in mind
191     that it might contain bugs, it might crash and that it's still lacking tons
192     of features. CVS is directed towards developers who would like to test
193     things and add code. Users should wait for a tarball release.
194     </entry>
195     </news>

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