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1  <?xml version='1.0' ?>  <?xml version='1.0' ?>
2  <news>  <news>
3      <entry date="2007-10-16">
4        A new release wave of the LinuxSampler family has arrived:
5        <list>
6          <li>linuxsampler 0.5.0</li>
7          <li>qsampler 0.1.5</li>
8          <li>jsampler 0.7a</li>
9          <li>gigedit 0.1.0</li>
10          <li>libgig 3.2.0</li>
11          <li>liblscp 0.5.5</li>
12          <li>jlscp 0.6a</li>
13        </list>
14        With our new instrument editor
15        <link ref="http://linuxsampler.org/screenshots/gigedit_0_0_3.png">gigedit</link>
16        we can finally modify existing, as well as create new Gigasampler format
17        instruments from scratch, which are not only accepted by LinuxSampler, but
18        also by Gigastudio. You can run gigedit as stand-alone application or
19        <link ref="http://download.linuxsampler.org/doc/gigedit/quickstart/gigedit_quickstart.html#live_editing">
20        "attached" to LinuxSampler</link>. The latter case allows you to play and edit
21        instruments at the same time, making all your modifications immediately
22        audible, without having to reload the instruments into the sampler. You can
23        simply edit instruments by selecting the respective sampler channel and
24        clicking on "Edit" (in QSampler as well as in JSampler). LinuxSampler now
25        provides a very powerful and easy MIDI program change mapping, which not
26        only allows you to define which instrument to load on which MIDI program
27        change number (and bank), it also allows further parameters like whether
28        the instrument shall be pre-cached or loaded only when needed (and likewise
29        freed when not needed). You can create arbitrary amount of effect sends for
30        each sampler channel, each having an arbitrary MIDI controller for
31        altering the effect send level in realtime and each one can flexible be routed to
32        some of the sampler's audio output channels, i.e. to a dedicated one for a
33        certain effect type (managing FX sends is yet only supported by JSampler,
34        not by QSampler yet). The new instruments database on sampler side allows
35        you to keep track even of largest instrument library collections. You can
36        order them in categories and search by various criteria (you can find this
37        feature as "Orchestras" in JSampler, it's not yet supported by QSampler).
38        Loading huge instruments may take a while, that's why the sampler now
39        allows to play an instrument while loading. That way you can i.e. play and
40        hold notes on the keyboard while loading a new instrument on the same
41        sampler channel at the same time.
42      </entry>
43    <entry date="2007-10-12">    <entry date="2007-10-12">
44      libgig's home has moved to this server. It's new official home is now:      libgig's home has moved to this server. It's new official home is now:
45      <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/libgig/" />      <link ref="http://www.linuxsampler.org/libgig/" />

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