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1  <?xml version='1.0' ?>  <?xml version='1.0' ?>
2  <news>  <news>
3      <entry date="2011-07-18">
4        <link ref="http://download.linuxsampler.org/packages/osx/snapshots/" img="gfx/logos/apple.png"></link>
5        <link ref="http://download.linuxsampler.org/packages/osx/snapshots/">Download the latest OS X snapshot of the sampler!</link>
6        Along to our angoing sympathy for automatic snapshots, we finally provide
7        automatic builts also for Apple OS X! As soon as some developer commits
8        something new to our Subversion server, a new binary snapshot for OS X will
9        automatically be available for download from our webserver within minutes.
10        The snapshot tbz2 archive file contains universal binaries
11        (PPC 32 &amp; 64 bit, Intel 32 &amp; 64 bit) of the stand-alone version of the
12        sampler, VST and AU plugin version, and the graphical frontend applications
13        QSampler and Fantasia. Only our graphical instrument editor gigedit is not
14        yet part of the snapshots, it might follow at a later point. Please read
15        the README file in the tbz2 archive file for instructions how to install
16        everything on your Mac.
17      </entry>
18    <entry date="2011-06-05">    <entry date="2011-06-05">
19      <link ref="http://svn.linuxsampler.org" img="gfx/logos/subversion.png"></link>      <link ref="http://svn.linuxsampler.org" img="gfx/logos/subversion.png"></link>
20      From now on, our source code is managed by a Subversion server. We      From now on, our source code is managed by a Subversion server. We

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