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1  <?xml version='1.0' ?>  <?xml version='1.0' ?>
2  <news>  <news>
3      <entry date="2019-03-10">
4        The <link ref="https://sourceforge.net/p/linuxsampler/mailman/message/36608653/">macOS Installer has been modernized</link>
5        e.g. using now Gtk 3 for Gigedit and Qt 5 for QSampler and a modern
6        C++11 capable compiler. Support for ancient PPC Macs and 32-bit Intel
7        Macs has been dropped for that reason. So all Mac snapshot builds starting
8        from today onwards will require a 64-bit Intel Mac with at least macOS 10.7 or
9        higher. If you still have one of those ancient Macs and can't find an old
10        snapshot build on our website that still works for your old Mac, then you may
11        write us on the
12        <link ref="https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxsampler/lists/linuxsampler-devel">mailing list</link>.
13      </entry>
14    <entry date="2017-11-26">    <entry date="2017-11-26">
15      LinuxSampler 2.1.0 had been released after two years of development.      LinuxSampler 2.1.0 had been released after two years of development.
16      Check the      Check the

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