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Author: schoenebeck
Date: Sun Apr 10 18:22:23 2016 UTC (7 years, 5 months ago)
Changed paths: 23
Log Message:
* All engines: Implemented scheduler for delayed MIDI events and for
  suspended real-time instrument scripts.
* Real-Time instrument scripts: Implemented support for built-in "wait()"
  function's "duration-us" argument, thus scripts using this function are
  now correctly resumed after the requested amount of microseconds.
* Real-Time instrument scripts: Implemented support for built-in
  "play_note()" function's "duration-us" argument, thus notes triggered
  with this argument are now correctly released after the requested amount
  of microseconds.
* Real-Time instrument scripts: Fixed crash which happened when trying to
  reference an undeclared script variable.
* Real-Time instrument scripts: Script events were not cleared when
  engine channel was reset, potentially causing undefined behavior.
* All engines: Attempt to partly fix resetting engine channels vs.
  resetting engine, an overall cleanup of the Reset*(),
  ConnectAudioDevice(), DisconnectAudioDevice() API methods would still be
  desirable though, because the current situation is still inconsistent
  and error prone.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn2).

Changed paths

Path Details
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/ChangeLog modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/configure.ac modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/common/Pool.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/common/RTAVLTree.h added
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/common/RTAVLTreeTest.cpp added
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/AbstractEngineChannel.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/AbstractEngineChannel.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/EngineBase.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/EngineChannelBase.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/common/Event.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/common/Event.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/common/InstrumentScriptVM.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/common/InstrumentScriptVM.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/common/InstrumentScriptVMFunctions.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/gig/EngineChannel.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/gig/EngineChannel.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/sf2/EngineChannel.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/sf2/EngineChannel.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/sfz/EngineChannel.cpp modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/engines/sfz/EngineChannel.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/scriptvm/ScriptVM.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/scriptvm/common.h modified , text changed
Directorylinuxsampler/trunk/src/scriptvm/tree.h modified , text changed

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